This is Ridiculous

Nov. 2nd pm

I finally get this on a “real, working blog” and I’m scared to death. “I have writer’s block” I say to myself but even I know that is utter and total bullshit. It’s fear. I’m not sure of what though. It is hard for me to even write now, my stomach is clenched but I am trying not to care. Trying to push past it all and keep writing. It doesn’t take Freud to understand that this is no coincidence. Vulnerability? Ridicule? AH, or NO response. Hmm, writing for myself was effortless, I guess i should only concentrate on that. AND, it is a blog, my blog to talk or kvetch or gossip or share anything I want. I will not give up. But I may throw up.

I told my daughter, who is a vegetarian, that I will no longer eat Jello…I never knew what went IN to Jello and now that I know, it’s off my list. It’s interesting that I haven’t eaten meat for about a week and i don’t miss it (yet.) So I am not claiming one thing or another just yet but eating good, healthy, food.  Tonight (I so love food) I had lentil soup, some veggie pizza (ok, yes there was cheese but I’m NOT a vegan to be at all. Had a craving for dried apricots( at least it’s not for 2 bowls of ice cream with caramel and chocolate sauce, whipped cream and almonds) instead I had grapes and tasteless raspberries and blackberries. Why did I go into that much detail about my fantasy dessert? Definitely not a wise thing to do…yum, I love food, most all food (except for fish) and I’m trying to lose some weight. I know, Oprah said it’s a “lifestyle change” and as much as I love and adore Oprah, that Texas fair would not be on Bob Green’s list (not that we trust HIM anymore ). Fried butter? Really? UGH, i thought until Oprah described it like a delicate roll with butter. Oh dear Lord, that does sound like heaven. I love the fact that both Gayle and Oprah would not budge with their dessert winners!  I’m with Oprah on this one, lemon cake!  As a Libra that is my life. I can’t decide between one or two things, I buy them both or not at all. It’s not easy being a sensitive Libra but we really are nice people. Decision making? Not so good!

4 thoughts on “This is Ridiculous

  1. You know I’m happy to help with whatever you need, just let me know… you look like you are getting the hang of it and I see you are getting comments! So cool!!!

    I’m learning it all as well, so we can learn together. I want to put a smiley face, but those emoticons look kinda evil… so !

    Keep on blogging girlfriend, you are AWESOME!


    • hey, you’re my diva role model. your blog all fancy and shmancy. YOU are keeping me going. there are lots of different emoticons, not EVIL ha ha. or you can make the smiley face by using the colon button and this ). 🙂 otherway for the sad face.

      Love, Laurie


  2. You are hilarious! Your jello reference made me laugh out loud, I JUST found out what’s in it as well!!! All these years, I’ve been just LOVING all kinds of jello dishes. What the hell made me find out what jello is made of, I have no idea. All I know is, it was a BAD IDEA!

    I felt the same way tonight about the writer’s block when I was trying to figure out what to write on my blog. I think I’ll just let it come to me… you shouldn’t worry though… because you certainly made me laugh!


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