Thank you for my first comment! it made my day……..

because today did not start out well. get this: i have a very close (older woman) friend, like a faux aunt who is dying from terminal cancer. I love her and have always been close to her. I talk to her (the little she can speak) as often as she wants to. even though I am 53 and technically a grown up I can still be shy and embarassed sometimes.  I’m also VERY sensitive. My mother (not the sensitive type) is good friends with this woman, I will call Mimi. I thought it was tacky for me to ask for something to remember her by so my mom did it for me. Plus for mom. I was grateful. Yesterday my mother told me that a small box “of junk” was delivered to her from Mimi’s brother for me. If that wasn’t bad enough get this: ok u really won’t believe me but try: today my mother’s carpenter’s daughter (“If I was a carpenter and you were my daughter…….”) visited my mother. My mother phoned to tell me that she had given one of the pieces (to her junk) to the little girl. I said “what? you gave something away that was meant for me”? She said yes, ” it was a mouse and I know you don’t like mice so I gave it away.”  I’m asking you gall or no gall. Had she not told me about it I would have never known about the stupid fake mouse. But to tell me and give it away before I even had it????  Your thoughts, please.  Not that I hold a grudge……(ok I do) but this is the same woman who gave birth to me, a preemie AND told me that she didn’t come  visit me ONCE while I was in the hospital for 4 weeks after I was born. Who does that? And, if you do it, why tell the story to your sensitive daughter. I’m feeling this in my stomach and that is not good. Means i’m still fuming….mother-daughter relationships are tough sometimes, luckily not with me and my 15 year old (yet).

Today i learned (I think) how to scan photos to Facebook. My son has tried to teach me for years. This time I wrote every single step down–is he kidding it’s over 30 steps but I did it.  Way out of my inept computer brain comfort zone.

Am still on bed rest –NO, not pregnancy. Torn ligament in my foot. Hard to be a mom and not do things.  Luckily my kids are older, 15 and 17. My son drives so that is a big help, except for when HE went to some GameStop store to put a deposit on some horrific game that is coming out…

to the lovely woman who wrote me my first comment, thanks again. I still don’t know how to work  THIS SITE -i’m brand new, but Tweeting might just put me over the edge. as you can tell, I am not comfortable with anything that came after my electric typewriter and white out. Those were the days………

3 thoughts on “Thank you for my first comment! it made my day……..

  1. I’m flabbergasted that she gave away your mouse, but have had a similar experience in my life (so I know EXACTLY the emotions that are rolling around within you!). I’m so sorry to hear about that! She had no right to give any of that away! It was intended for you, whether it was a piece of lint or a priceless gem. I’m so sorry that you were “dismissed” in that way. People can be so clueless.


  2. Hey, at least, you were brave enough to learn how to scan.

    I’m still intimidated of the sophisticated printer my husband hooked up a few months ago. I swear it talks, and I suspect it’s also an ATM. Hmm…maybe I need to up my meds.


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