If I could change my past…….I would:

*   have pushed through the fear and not let it stop me

*   have  FOUGHT for more attention

*   have  learned how to say “YES/”NO” earlier in life

*   not have been such a goody-goody

*   not worried about what everyone thought

*   made decisions quickly instead of a Libra’s wishy-washy ways

*   tried many new things, just because…..

*   not done what I knew I was “good at” or what was ” familiar”

*   not been so very afraid and worried all the time

*   not blame people for what they could not help

*   forgiven people faster and better

*   expressed my feelings instead of holding them in

*   taken many, many more chances

5 thoughts on “If I could change my past…….I would:

  1. That could be MY list as well! Of course I too am a full fledged Libra! And a certified first class worry wort! Afraid. I’m working on it all though….at 43 I guess I still have some time to make myself into a person with as few regrets as possible….hopefully! Great post!


  2. I should have known you were a Libra… my BFF (cracks me up to use that) is a Libra! I could just copy/ paste your list and use as mine… maybe not the “goody-goody” one… maybe… have to think on that.

    where are you?

    i have been sick… just starting to feel better now.

    hope all is well…..

    if you are having trouble sleeping… try this:


    there are some meditational options to pick… try pain and sleep. hopefully they will help you. if you listen to itunes, there are some free podcasts that i’m trying, i can tell you about them if you are interested.

    let me know….


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