” Hello, my name is Laurie and I am a……”

Technophobe.  Idiot.  Computer moron. Welcome to this club where computer illiterates will feel right at home. We welcome you. We don’t make fun of you if you don’t know that the Apple sign on the Mac looks like two squiggles. We understand. Everyone told me “Get a Mac, they are so EASY, you don’t have to do ANYTHING!”  Are you kidding me? I have a Mac, I think it’s complicated and I didn’t grow up (like my children did) learning about computers since first grade. Macs are not easy for me, no computer is easy for me and as much as I appreciate e-mail (although somehow it got interchangeable with the stamp icon and I am totally confused)  and a few other things like IM, I am not comfortable on the Mac. Don’t feel singled out, I am not comfortable on any computer, but your commercials were so cool!!

My husband works in the computer field, my daughter and son know all about computers and there are 4 Macs in this household. I use the Mac mainly for this writing blog and e-mail but I don’t know how to upload or download pictures. And for all my friends who say “send me a new photo” basically, I can’t. My son, 17, who gets frustrated the first 9 times he shows me, gives up after that. My daughter says “I already showed you.”  My husband who has sat with me numerous times AND I have taken notes during the lecture, ok tutorial, I still can’t follow what I have written down and so I can’t do it by myself.

I’m hopeless. Generally speaking, I either BEG for someone to do it for me (and yes, I do pay attention) or threaten to call one of the companies for impaired people like me. I don’t know why people can’t be sympathetic with this type of impairment. I think we should be covered under the ADA.  So, Dear Mr. Jobs, admittedly you are a complete genius, and pretty much everyone that works for you is probably very intelligent too. Of course, they probably could be my sons and daughters, if not grandchildren. But, what about us “old” folks? How about a computer for real dummies not just a book which we don’t understand either.

Mr. Jobs, I respect you and admire you but to tell you the truth I admire you and your wife for your incredible generosity to charity and funding for various institutions more than I do this incredible computer company.  You make a fine machine, Mr. Jobs, but you and your wife are finer human beings just being in this world and giving of yourselves. That, to me, is a club I would be honored to join.

p.s. I AM SO SORRY but  I was just told that I mixed you up with Bill and Melinda Gates but I am sure you do good stuff too. And, somehow I pushed a button which made this whole blog disappear except for the first 3 words and it took my daughter AND my husband to find it again. Sorry again about the mix-up, maybe YOU can forward it to the Gates’ ? If I do you know I will lose it again…

6 thoughts on “” Hello, my name is Laurie and I am a……”

  1. PS:
    Using the comment section as I’m piggybacking on a wifi signal which isn’t strong so it makes the process very slow, and gmail doesn’t want to load.
    On the screen you get after you have logged into wordpress, there is a clickable “register another blog.” I clicked, and the whole thing was all set up: I was recognized as phylor, and the url had been started for my second blog — I would just have to give it a name.
    I have been thinking of starting a second blog because I can’t rename my present one and the title should better reflect the direction I’m heading in — at least I think so. What do you think?
    PSS: If I get a stronger signal, or on Monday, I’ll resend this info through gmail!
    Take good care,
    Til we “etalk” again!


    • the present name is so beautiful and mysterious that in a way it all fits. i will help you think of another title if you want. but I don’t think you are losing anybody because of the name, the name itself is so lovely. If you don’t want a new name, you could always say: Phylor: The Way to Integrative Medicine or something like that. but Phylor is special, now I need to know how you came up with it!!!! I do remember when I first looked Phylor and your blog were not connected, but whose is? Hibernationnow? Nope. people will come because of what you write and you write beautifully not what it is called.


  2. As far as I know, you can have more than one blog — when you first log in, there is wordpress page which you use to get to dash board, account, etc. There is a “manage blog” clickable which I think allows you to access more than one blog at a time.
    The support folks at wordpress.com have been great when I’ve had questions. Why not email them and see how to go about setting up a second blog.
    And, there are other free blog sites (sorry wordpress.com — I like your site just fine) if having two blogs at one site is too complicated or not “done.”
    Good luck!
    PS: Glad you had some good moments with your teenagers this weekend.


  3. While I’m not a complete technophobe, I can still lose a blog or an email. And, my husband is amazing when I say “Step aside,” and I show him some feature of a software program.
    I am a PC (as the commercial goes and yes, Mac does have the best ads!) who once had to work on a Mac, and with a technophobe who wouldn’t give up her ancient PC with outdated software. Regularly, I found myself doing “forensic computing,” trying to “fix” files my colleague and/or computer had chewed up and spit out in some form or another. I took a distinct dislike to the Mac (and the person who chose it for my position when he had it).
    Not fair and very prejudicial, but the whole experience left a bad taste in my hard drive!
    Now friends have a new, thin, lighted keyboard, beautiful screen Mac, and I found myself envious. I rushed back to my PC laptop, and apologized Windows Vista notwithstanding for my straying into the dangerous Mac territory!
    Don’t worry — my mother is the biggest technophobe there is. She won’t even consider a computer — something which would link her to the broader world she is withdrawing from — and gets mad when the news reader/tv personality says, “For more information, go to www dot.” “Not everyone has a computer,” she spits, and I gently remind her that, unfortunately, in the western world, just about everyone does, especially now that cellphones link to the web.
    Of course, I’m a fine one to talk. I don’t own a cell phone, and the few times I used someone else’s, I couldn’t figure out how to turn it on and off, let alone find an app or phone number! And, until I finally took the plunge in October, I’d never blogged and only rarely commented on a forum. So who knows — you might beat the Mac at its own game, and Mom may get a smart phone!


    • Hi, i’m so much of a technophobe i couldn’t even read your whole message! i need some info if u don’t mind. NEED to start another blog on word press. is that possible? will explain why to you later.


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