Stop Telling Me What To Do !!!!!!

I am absolutely disgusted with the way that information is disseminated from “somewhere” to the public. Who are these people and why do they keep telling us what to do and what not to do, usually within a month or two or five years.   I can’t stand it.  Eat red meat. Don’t eat red meat. Eat fat-free or low fat cheese; wait, we’re wrong  (not that they ever say they are wrong) we changed our minds: now enjoy Brie or Gouda or friggin Munster.  Take a vitamin, don’t take a vitamin.

I’m furious. I feel like that movie in the 70’s,or 80’s,  something about Broadcast News or Broadcast  Something and the guy starts opening windows and saying “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!”  What choice do we, the common people have? We can’t start yelling from windows, you’d probably drag us to the nearest hospital.

I don’t think it’s fair to us and I am not sure who to blame.  Is it the Government?  The FDA?  Oh hell, for all we know it could be the TSA and they are a fine one to talk.  This has been going on for decades and probably way before that.  Lay your baby on it’s back when it sleeps, lay it on it’s stomach, lay it’s on it’s left side, right side or rotate like the way you cook a rotisserie chicken.

How on earth are we supposed to know what to do when the rules keep changing every five minutes. How about this?  SHUT UP. You’re not sure, absolutely not sure about the information? Keep it to yourself.  Don’t tell us; that way we don’t have to listen and feel agitated and hurry to do the “right thing” and change and you don’t end up sounding like complete and utter idiots. Not to mention the fact that we have all been spending a lot of money; money that we don’t have for all this……stuff.  I’ve had enough. We all have. Listen to me, to us.

Drink wine, don’t drink wine, take a vitamin, don’t take a vitamin, be thin,  exercise a lot, actually you don’t need to exercise THAT much; wait it depends on your body type. What IS your body type? Peach, pear, apple, or cinnamon raisin?   Eat tofu, don’t eat tofu……YOU, whoever you are, are making people crazy and this is not a good time for any more craziness. Many of us do not have jobs, that’s right, no money coming in. We can’t afford to switch to different products all the time, back and forth; buy organic, no don’t, it really does not make a single, solitary difference. Except it’s more expensive.

Many of us have loved ones in the military, many people have lost people to sickness: yes that’s covered, no it’s not, call your insurance: it will be covered, no, it will not. That’s not “our” decision, it’s the doctors;  wait, no, it’s not the doctor’s decision at all it’s the insurance company…and so forth.

Here is some good, healthy, sound advice.  If you are not one hundred and fifty percent sure of what you are saying? Don’t say it. If there is any reason to doubt the study, study some more. If you don’t have to release the data in a hurry (which has not stopped you before) don’t release it. And, if you’re confused or unsure, don’t speak. Don’t lecture us, don’t sway us, don’t talk. Don’t give us any new information until it has been proven and tested more times than you can breathe. Keep it to yourself. Like that’s going to happen….

1 thought on “Stop Telling Me What To Do !!!!!!

  1. The movie was either Network News or Broadcast News (I think). I love that line “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more!” and often use it when dealing with bureaucracy or idiots, or both.



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