How Target Saved My Sanity

It was one of THOSE days. One of those days that I knew I had to get out of my very small house that was threatening to eat me up alive. Our little cozy  cottage was filled with my husband, two bored teenagers home for February break, our yawning dog and me.  I needed to get out and drive somewhere and I needed a destination. I was looking for someplace where I could walk indoors and get away from the 22 degree temperature and howling winds. I loathe winter. The snow has been piled up for months and I felt claustrophobic and depressed and all the problems (unemployment for my husband, chronic pain for me) were feeling insurmountable.  I wanted to see different things, admire vibrant colors, and more importantly see people I didn’t know; people of all shapes and sizes, colors, width and height; speaking different languages, interesting strangers.

I headed  to Target and it was terribly crowded but I didn’t mind; I weaved  in and out of the store  using their bright, red carriage for support. As soon as I saw the clothing and shoes section I immediately felt happier. SUMMER!!!  All the clothes were short-sleeved and summery, and the textures were light, like a softly worn handkerchief. The colors bloomed throughout the store like daffodils: yellow, pink, rose, white, aqua, baby blue.  The shoes were flimsy flip-flops and sandals; not a muddy brown winter boot in sight! I honestly felt relieved and joyful when I saw that the aisles had been cleared away of all the winter gear and the store was telling me, that yes, winter REALLY will be over and  summer is not just a fantasy.

On the way home though, I felt blue once again, worrying about things I can’t control, fretting about things I shouldn’t fret about. With tears streaming down my frozen face I started feeling miserable again, especially when I heard the forecast and an additional 6 inches of snow was on its way. I crawled into bed, to try to relieve my aches and pains and I gently put the covers back over my face and sighed. Sleeping is very good therapy for me.

When I woke up I felt much better, perspective restored. I got out of bed, headed down the stairs with my brown, white and red Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer slippers to the kitchen.  I made a piece of multi-grain toast with butter and honey. Honey is one of the world’s loveliest foods. To me, it is a delicacy, delicious and beautiful in every  shape or form. The color of honey in itself is a work of art, like a beautiful painting about warmth and the sun and love.  Honey is comforting, it’s deliciously lovely, it soothes and calms.  While Target got me out of the house, honey, saved my spirit and welcomed me back home.

7 thoughts on “How Target Saved My Sanity

  1. LOL! We MUST have a connection!! That is very cool! Thanks so much for your comment… I am barely hanging on today – I am white-knuckled with pain. 😦

    Try googling the health benefits of honey and also bee pollen… they are super-foods, and are VERY VERY beneficial! If you like honey, try to get the natural unpasteurized kind… the liquid honey has all the good stuff cooked out of it. It is SO good for you! We use it topically even, in baths, and a spoonful of it is like medicine in my household 😉

    Painless gentle hugs back to you… I really need to get a grip – I don’t want to be in bed all weekend!
    P.S Are you on Facebook or Twitter?


    • you poor thing. i feel like I have NO pain compared to you. you should just be wrapped in a fuzzy blanket and relax, imagining your favorite things. yes, I am on Facebook. just use my whole name or give me your email or facebook address. sleep tight.


  2. how funny, I just wrote on YOUR blog!!!! we must have a connection. i didn’t know that honey has healing powers, I think your breakfast will be my dinner tonight!!!
    have a great weekend and stay in touch. Painless hugs, Laurie


  3. I loved that post! I hope a change of scenery helped you a bit… I tend to isolate when I am in pain, and get depressed… I have to force myself to get out – but it usually helps..

    And now I want to go make toast and honey for breakfast 🙂 Did you know honey has natural pain killing properties? 😉 It is a beautiful treat! Yum! Now I am hungry!!

    I hope you are having a good friday… HUGS!


  4. I seem to have lost your recent email. Gmail has been glitchy lately and I don’t remember deleting your email. I belive I responded. If not, I will email you directly again.
    I meant to ask: what kind of honey do you like?


  5. Glad you had a successful outing to Target! Seeing evidence of summer clothing duirng the misery of winter can conjure up images of spring flowers and summers-on-the-deck feelings.
    Honey is truly a comfort food. I like raw, unpasturized honey that is thick, creamy, and tastes great just as it if off a spoon as a sweettreat!


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