Old Dreams?

Surfer Sufring Ocean Waves

My dream vacation has always been to be right on the ocean, jumping up and down in the rough waves. Walking along the beach looking for pretty sea shells or rocks, some reminder that I would take with me to remember the vacation. The ocean soothes me and at the same time, gives me energy. I can sit for hours just watching the water, the froth of white on top of the waves, the deep, green water as it rolls to the sand. Now, I am worried about all the beaches because of BP and I am furious that the oil spill happened. I wonder if the ocean will ever be the same wonderful place I always believed in. It is inconceivable to me that the world is now a different place because of this horrific spill. The ocean has always been my comfort, I truly hope they can find a way to clean this disaster up….but I have my doubts.

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