Why Me??!!

A boy and a girl

"I don't wanna sit next to him, Mommy", 6 year old Lissa said. "Why am I the only one who has to sit next to him, it's not fair.!! "Well, sweetie, they seat children in first grade by their size." I HATE that too, her daughter wailed,"Why am I always the first on line….., why am I always the shortest kid?" It wasn't the size issue alone her mom knew, though that never helped, it was that this particular boy in her kindergarten and now first grade class always wet his pants. Every day, every single, solitary day. And, yes he did sit next to her daughter. They even had a name for him in the family, they called him "The Pischer, but her daughter was not amused. At all." "It's so embarrassing and so yucky, Lissa would complain." In truth, I thought, it probably really was but she wanted her daughter to try to be a kind person. This was a tough one, back then, you couldn't rush to the teachers and make them switch seats. As parents, there was nothing they could do. But, wait. Until "The Pischer" stopped peeing his pants and outgrew his little problem but this was no consolation to her daughter, at all. None.

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