My Dream Vacation

Sunset Wave or دلشوره

It is the end of June and I am packed, ready to drive, in my new yellow, convertible Volkswagon beetle, to the beach. I am staying in the house I bought years ago when that big, unexpected check arrived in the mail, just after I won Mega Millions. My house is painted light blue with black shutters and a red door. It is just steps away from the ocean; my favorite element. There is nothing as relaxing and as exhilirating to me as the ocean, ever since I was a little girl, stooping to pick up seashells and saving them in a clear jar. There is an outside deck where I sit for hours, sipping my half- lemonade and half- iced tea combination through an orange bendy straw. I am watching the waves lick the sand, sea gulls swooping down every so often. The water overpowers me and centers me. I am happy, I am calm and I feel free.

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