Who Is My Best Friend?

Love Coffee

My husband is my best friend. He is always here for me for whatever I need. He was the boy I refused to play with when I was 10, because our parents’ knew each other. “I’m not going over there with THOSE boys” I used to say in a horrified tone of voice. We were both brought up by European parents so our styles are very similar, our outlooks, on life, love, on children. He is the one person that I know I can count on for anything, and I would do anything for him too. Love and Friendship are closely intertwined, you can’t have one without the other. My husband makes me a cup of strong, delicious coffee every morning. When I was sick, he brought it to me so I could sip it in bed; I was too weak and ill to come downstairs, a chronic illness making me unable to move. A simple mug of coffee, made with love, from my love.

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5 thoughts on “Who Is My Best Friend?

  1. Now the title reads: My Best Friend. I wondered about the 1939 reference, too.
    Glad to know that hubby is your bf! That is soooo important in relationships!
    Here’s to him having coffee ready, AND, you being able to go downstairs to enjoy your cuppa with him.


  2. I don’t quite understand what the significance of 1939 is to you but, to me, I was a year old and my parents took me to the New York World’s Fair just to be able to say that I was there – I don’t remember a thing about it! except that it often appears in my writings now.

    It’s been eight months since my wife and best friend of 48 years has gone to her well earned reward and I miss her terribly – life cannot ever be the same for me again.

    The coffee that you mention; it was my greatest pleasure each morning to brew it and bring a piping hot cup (she loved it scolding hot) to her favorite easy chair where she spent most of each day especially as her long time illness and pain worsened.

    I would give up everything I have to have her back but she’s in a better place now and all the pain and suffering are over – I can stand my pain for that reason alone!

    It helps me to only think of the good memories and times that we had over the years and her last real enjoyment which was a wonderful cruise to Alaska only a few months before she died.

    My religion tells me that I must mourn my loss for one year but I will surely extend that to a lifetime!

    Mr. ‘L’


    • my dad died 9 years ago, and even tho the official mourning is for one year (as is yours) I still miss him. you wrote a lovely blog response and I know, without a shadow of a doubt, you wife is proud of you and you will always be loved.


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