What Keeps Me Up Through The Night

Dare to reach out your hand into the darkness, to pull another hand into the light.

The ghosts and bad people of my youth, that used to hide in my closet and under my bed, have disappeared, because my father would crawl with a flashlight and search for them. That was enough to reassure me because I believed him. The mice that scurried through the night and landed on my arm in my old beloved apartment in Brooklyn Heights are not here anymore either, though I still remember their ugly touch. Today, as a wife, mother, child and sibling it is not things that go "boo" in the night, that trouble me the most but rather issues of health and safety. It is not me that I am worried about but "them." I worry about those that I love. The bats that flew into my childhood window I remember and yes, I still would be standing on the kitchen table shouting if mice started their lightening bolt escape across the floor. I don't like sudden noises, I startle easily. These things I don't like; but sick family members, illness and insecurity keeps me up all night long and way past the morning sun.

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