What The Heck is Blu-Ray Anyway?

There are certain concepts in life that I do not get nor will I ever. Daylight Savings Time is one of them, how can you really lose or gain an hour? We all know there are 24 hours in a day. It just doesn’t make sense. Yes, I know all about the farmers and the school buses but it’s the elimination or addition of the hour that I do not comprehend, and shouldn’t there be a two-day adjustment period? There is for me, I require it.

There are thousands of new products that come out every year (and I happen to be the person that loves to look at them and try them) but I don’t like to be forced into it!! Sometimes there are products that come and go which is understandable. Why do the new products each year have to replace the old products that we already have? It’s practically black mail. Sure, we went through vinyl, and 8 tracks, we went through cassettes and then, CD’s DVD’s and now Blue-Ray. I honestly don’t know what Blu-Ray is. Why can’t there be a universal adaptor so we wouldn’t have to shell out big bucks every time we wanted to see little Sally’s first steps or our wedding video, play a Beatle’s album, or wait, hear it (and see it) on a new phone/Android/Blackberry. I’m all for the simple stuff; I may sound like Andy Rooney but to me, things are getting too complicated and it just isn’t fair.

Sometimes, products just…disappear. What about slips? I thought slips were a staple like bras and underwear, apparently they are not. About three years ago I went to a department store and asked a woman where the slips were. “Slips” she asked “What’s a slip?”  I believe we have a generation that has no idea what a slip is/was or what it is/was used for.  I was embarrassed enough but when she asked another salesperson, in a loud voice, “what a slip was” they both looked at me as if I had dropped down from an orange alien ship that was decorated with purple pom-poms. “Sorry, Lady”we never heard of slips and we don’t have any. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes at the same exact moment.

Did they think I was a crazy person? Sure, they were young enough to be my daughters but hadn’t their mothers ever worn a slip? Sigh, probably not. I felt like I should have been wheeled out of the store breathing oxygen, that is, if they still use wheel chairs and oxygen. Here’s hoping……

2 thoughts on “What The Heck is Blu-Ray Anyway?

  1. Now I feel old lol.I know what slips are and i own one ….oh dear.
    As for the new products ,i agree its ridiculous.Consumerism has taken over the so called civilised world.


  2. HBN,

    Let me try to address each of your gripes one at a time;

    Day Light Savings Time; there are and always will be 24 hours in a day (the earth rotates at 1,000 miles per hour and takes 24 hours to make one complete spin) – all we do twice a year is borrow an hour on one end and give it back on the other.

    About products; there’s a thing called ‘planned obsolescence’ which used to take a couple of few years between models but has now been speeded up to the point that you can walk out of a store with whatever and by the time you get home it’s obsolete – that’s just the latest form of corporate America’s greed that’s sucking the lives out of us!

    As far as Blue-Ray goes, I always thought it was a big fish caught off the Florida coast! (I honestly don’t know what a Blue Ray does and I have no intention of finding out!).

    Women’s lingerie; I can’t comment much on this subject because I don’t wear women’s unmentionables
    (at least not yet!).

    But I will say that the purpose of the slip was to hide the outline of the bra and panties – but, very few women want to do that anymore! if you know what I mean!

    Oh, one more thing; you mention Andy Rooney – I don’t like him because every chance he gets, he reminds us of how much money he has and that annoys me – someone must have told him in his youth that he would never amount to anything so now he has to keep proving them wrong by bragging about his success to the world!

    I just hope he has a good ladder at home so when he wants to climb to the top of his pile of cash to admire it he doesn’t fall off!


    Mr. ‘L’


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