My Mean Neighbor

Good Humor

He was a very high-brow elderly gentleman

Involved in politics, poetry and the community-at-large.

Whenever we saw him approach us we felt we had done something wrong.

He should have been a Head Master at a school in England.

Unfortunately for us, he was not.

He yelled at my children for playing in the woods behind

his house, as they gleefully befriended a frog.

Most of all, he was known as the mean man who chased away

the ice cream truck because it made too much noise.

I will never forgive him for that.

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1 thought on “My Mean Neighbor

  1. Chasing away the ice cream truck on a hot summer afternoon while the children had come running with their money clutched in their sweaty hands, anticipating the mouth-joy of that first bite of an ice cream treat! You can’t get much meaner than that! No wonder you can’t forgive him! Is he still the meanie on the block?


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