Feel Good, Eat Cake

I just read a friend’s blog and while I have never met her in person, I worry about her. There is a definite bond for those of us who have some kind of chronic disease or illness. We feel for each other, and we really do care. I see myself sometimes in her writing,  stressed out, anxious and at times depressed. I have been there, done that.

Luckily now (even though I still have the same illnesses) I have taken the time to listen to my inner self (when it works). Sometimes it’s better than listening to many other people. Who knows you better than you? Also, apparently the medical world is trying (and succeeding) in making women go crazy. Let’s blame them. In light of this, take the newest controversy which has been a staple in womens lives for years: (and encouraged by all doctors)  calcium supplements.” You MUST take them”, my gynecologist says. “Definitely says my internist,” you HAVE to, it’s for good bone strength and preventing osteoporosis.” Oh, okay, absolutely. Now, just recently “we did a little research and the calcium supplements are now related to an increase in heart disease for women.” Huh?  I don’t understand how on earth we are supposed to know what to do, what to take. No one is making it easy for us, especially doctors. Ask a number of doctors one question, take your pick of the answers they give you. Why does this always seem to happen to women and not men? How come they don’t get conflicting and controversial views half as much as we do?

It’s all personal choice. Remember the saying “everything in moderation?” (if not, my dad used to say it all the time). I think that’s mostly true. Denying yourself certain things, certain foods will make you (okay, definitely me) crave them more. So, if you want dessert, order dessert. You don’t have to eat the whole thing. Ask the waiter or waitress to give you half and put the rest in a container to take it home if you want. As my friend Bruce always said “no ask, no get.” It’s really as simple as that and a motto I live by. (Thanks, Brucie)

We all have our individual preferences and rituals. For example: I make a mean banana bread (if I do so say so myself). I know that if I add raisins to the banana bread I could probably, with enough time, eat the whole thing. However, if I put raisins and chocolate chips in (the family favorite) I don’t eat much at all. Why? I don’t really like the addition of chocolate when I love anything raisin-like. It’s all a matter of trying to think things through first and that, I admit, is harder than it sounds and it  is an ongoing problem.

Let’s all try to worry less, walk a little more, take in a few minutes of sunshine and try to live life day by day. Not only “one step at a time” but one crawling, aching, stiff joints and baby step at a time. We’re all in this together.

9 thoughts on “Feel Good, Eat Cake

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    • I’m deeply honored and you know I always refer to you in my blogs as someone I look up to. Not entirely sure how the carnival works but would love to know what the next topic and deadline is. again, soft hugs for you that don’t hurt. I’d like to wrap you up in cotton so nothing hurts you but i know, you are one of the strongest women I know and I value your friendship.hibernationnow aka Laurie


  2. Laurie: This is a different blog carnival than jolene is hosting. Visit ChronicBabe.com through the above link, and you’ll find out about how to submit a blog entry for Blog Carnival #10: dealing with the health care system.
    You write so well, your prose should be getting a wider audience, and a blog carnival does just that.


  3. Excellent Post! This would also be a good one to consider submitting to the next Chronic Babe Blog Carnival http://www.chronicbabe.com/articles/848/ “Want to participate in the next carnival? It’s two weeks from today (publish date: August 10, 2010), and the theme is: How do you deal with the medical establishment? Do you have a secret for getting around billing issues? Do you have a favorite approach to reaching your doctor in off-hours? Do you ever freak out with people? Tell us! “


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