In Defense Of My Vice: BOOKS

Books behind the bed

My only vice is books. (I really want to say are because it sounds better). Books not borrowed from the library but books I need to buy and own. I am in love with Borders and when I enter the store I feel relieved. Physically, I let out a full breath and begin to relax. For the last year I have been going to the library (at times) and borrowing books due to financial reasons. But, if find a favorite, I will, sometime in the future, buy the paperback copy to own. I reread books, I lend my books to others. My vice probably started every Saturday afternoon of my childhood where my whole family would walk miles to get to the not-so-local library. It was a tradition. Later in life, when I was working, I would spend hours at bookstores, holding the books, taken in by the covers or the titles or both. Why would I quit? I wouldn’t quit; I will still keep on reading and imagining other people’s lives and then coming home, happily to my own.

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3 thoughts on “In Defense Of My Vice: BOOKS

  1. Price really is a problem. And Barnes and Noble is now giving away ebooks and the software so you can read themon your computer! Of course, you have to pay for the best sellers. I downloaded it, but have had trouble getting the free books to upload. I’m stuck with Dracula — Stoker really has me by the throat and won’t let go 🙂


  2. I used to love the independent small book store near us. Unfortunately due to economics, I ended up using less expensive stores like Borders. Sometimes it was half the price. The bookstore is now gone, I miss going in there to browse but it really was so much more expensive. Ah life!


  3. I like small, local independent bookstores (facing extinction, I’m afraid), and used book stores. But, I must admit I buy on line from the evil conglomerates! 🙂


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