Setting the Scene: Where I Live

Tree with red berries

In our modern day village of "Anatevka" we live in a very small house that is white, with black shutters and a red door. Our mailbox is also red and it makes me happy that we have it. All the houses in our neighborhood are small, so the neighborhood is reminiscent to (for those who remember this) Mayberry RFD. Children ride their bikes around the blocks (it's a circle) going from the upper circle part to the lower. We are the neighborhood, people from the maxi-mansions drop here on Halloween because it is safe. Moms push their baby carriages in the street, there are a lot of trees and people have luscious gardens with pretty flowers; there are also a lot of playful dogs. There is a tree with red berries that my daughter used to call "the red berry tree" and there's my favorite, a pussy willow tree. There's something so comforting about the feel of a pussy willow like the silky coat of a kitten.

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