What I'm Avoiding

Bat in Flight

At the moment, I am avoiding depression like the plague. All fingers point to my being depressed but I am dodging bullets one by one, as fast as they come flying to me, I duck, I hide, I dart. I'm like one of those menacing bats as they come swooping; bats that I am terrified of and have a phobia about. If I keep avoiding depression I will be happy. I expect at the ripe old age of 53 to have some things go wrong in my life. Today I met a 21 year old woman who has been going through the same things I have been. That just doesn't seem fair to her. There's been illness, illness, illness and my husband's unemployment. There's been stress, anxiety and a feeling of despair. So, what I am avoiding is good.Trying to take things day by day. Am feeling blessed that I didn't know these feelings at 21 years old. I'm grateful that at 21 I wasn't plagued with these feelings, I want depression to bypass my young friend too. Yes, we are all in this together. People helping People; and so it goes.

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1 thought on “What I'm Avoiding

  1. The ways in which lives mirror is fascinating. Hope you and your young friend “dodge the bullet” of depression, and make your ways out of the depths/shadows and into the light!


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