We’re Allowed To Have A Horrible Day …..Or Two

dark and stormy

Image by lilli2de via Flickr

When I spoke to my friend on-line I told her I was thinking of writing a blog with the title “Losing Hope.”  I’ve learned to wait a little while and see how I feel later on. Granted, passion fruit sorbet and coconut sorbet helped a little. It was probably a combination of the sugar and the unique sorbet flavors that worked so well together.

The morning started with a phone call my husband made to a hiring manager. The good news? He is definitely the candidate that they want! The bad news? They don’t have the funding for the job.  This is the second time this has happened to my husband. He’s been unemployed for a year now. (Anyone know of a Software Engineer job?)  I see his sadness and as hard as I try to boost his spirits today I just sunk lower with him. I’ve been good and supportive but today was too much, so we acknowledged we were blue and then went out for an inexpensive Latin dinner (with a coupon) where he had tilapia (fish)with mole sauce and I had a quesadilla filled with spinach, mushrooms, cheese and horrors of all horrors, green peppers. After I finessed the green peppers to the side, I was happy.

We took our dog out for a short walk after dinner and as much as my joints hurt, and my knee locked, my fatigue overwhelming me, at least I did it. It was one of those perfect, beautiful, warm, dry evenings. It was also something my husband wanted to do and he does not ask for much. So, our 8-year-old mutt, Callie was in heaven, my husband was smiling and after giving myself a tiny push, I felt better too.

There were some “family” issues which bothered me but I got over it with helpful prompting from my husband as in “what do you expect? They always do that….”  Enough said. My mother warned me about not eating too much food on the free cruise and the chubby girl resurfaced and I felt my body inflate and swell.

It’s hard to be sensitive, I can be very empathic but also hurt easily. It doesn’t seem to be a lesson I’ve learned or accepted. I try to “not care as much” but it’s a skill I lack and don’t think I will learn it anytime soon. At least  I’ve learned to get over something quickly which in the past could have been long and drawn out.

I’m vulnerable, to diseases, to emotions, to temperature; we all are.  After trying to fight the knowledge of a cranky,  “snarky” day, I’ve learned (most of the time ) to just give in to it and ride the waves until everything calms down. You never know, maybe the next day will be filled with sunshine,  honey and bright blue skies; it’s possible. Allow yourself to have a bad day or more when you need it and don’t feel guilty about it; we deserve it.

5 thoughts on “We’re Allowed To Have A Horrible Day …..Or Two

  1. hello there,
    We are all entitled to our day in the sun ,a little indulgence,a nice meal for two,night out with friends,a short walk we deserve it. We usually pay for it shortly afterwards with a couple of bad days but it’s worth it just to feel a little normality if only for a short while. If you would like to read my story and how my hubby as a carer sees things click on the attached link http://dld.bz/mBZq . If you like the site and would like to use some of the articles for your own use, just drop me a line.


  2. I believe we are also allowed to have, not just one day in the sun, but many days where we feel amazing and comfortable in our own skin. We’re entitled to seek comfort in those who embrace us and love us for all our quirks and imperfections.

    I was walking my dog today, basking the glory of the sun. A fifty-something woman jogged by in nothing but a sports bra and skimpy shorts thus revealing her somewhat jiggly body and folds of skin in all areas that were exposed. My immediate reaction was, “How could she let herself to be seen like that?” In mind mind, only supermodels could pull that off. Then, I stopped and reassessed my thinking. I admire that woman. She embraces her beauty and accepts herself for who she is and bears her body to the world with no apologies. She is having her day in the sun, and I applaud and admire that she is comfortable in her own skin and the rest of us could just go suck it.

    She’s my new hero. As for me, I allowed too many horrible days which only turn into more horrible days. I will throw caution to the wind and strive for my day(s) in the sun–even if it means jogging naked while my various tummy rolls flap in the wind.

    So if you see me jogging by your house naked, in all my jiggly splendor, please don’t judge me. I’m just having my day in the sun.


  3. Arthur Godfrey, the long time radio and T.V. host from the mid twentieth century, once made mention of a man who complained about not having shoes until he met a man without feet!

    Reading your tale of woe above readily reminds me that I am the one without the shoes!

    Two weeks ago I had an experience that can only be explained in an after the fact email that I wrote to my friends as follows;

    “Now that the stitches are out and I’m almost all healed, I’ll tell you what happened to me last week.

    But first, a favor; the next time the 12th. of the month falls on a Thursday, please either call or email to remind me not to dare to get out of bed the next day!

    It was just like any other ‘Friday the 13th.’ until I tried to open a jar of prunes – the cap was so tight that when it eventually did let go, I had prunes and prune juice all over the kitchen counters and floor.

    Cleaning it up wasn’t so bad but, in doing so, I picked up two juice glasses that I usually keep on a tray on the counter and one slipped out of my hand and broke the other.

    The broken glass wound up in the sink with one of its three pieces missing – I took a quick look for it but dinner was on the stove and I wanted to eat while it was still hot (cold frankfurters are lousy!).

    Afterward, I knew I had to find what was a rather large shard but to make a long story a little shorter, it found me on the breakfast room room floor.

    I didn’t think anybody could bleed as much as I did – the floor under me looked like a murder scene straight out of an NCIS episode.

    My first thought after trying to stop the bleeding was to call an ambulance but then I said to my cat Daisy; if I do that how will I get home in the middle of the night?

    So, I rushed myself to the hospital where within a matter of only about six hours I was on my way home with six stitches in my right foot (six hours is pretty good by E.R. standards!).

    Anyway, the stitches were removed the following Friday and the doctor said that I healed very quickly.

    That’s the story!”

    The moral; it’s prune juice from now on!

    Mr. ‘L’


  4. Sorry, I don’t know of any Software Engineering jobs, but if I ever do, you’ll be the 1st to know!
    Wishing you a day “filled with sunshine, honey and bright blue skies:” the weather forecast for tomorrow is clear and warm.


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