This Movie Always Gets to Me

Saturday mornings, my dad and little me.

The Little Princess with Shirley Temple! It's not only the movie that has me bawling every time but the tradition behind it as well. My dad and I, when I was 5 or 6, used to watch Shirley Temple movies (black and white) on Saturday mornings together. I remember when The Little Princess came on and little Shirley was looking for her dad (believed to be deceased) and then finds him alive. I can still hear her sweet voice screaming "Daddy, oh Daddy." There was a very short clip where I think, Queen Elizabeth, is in a scene and Shirley (Sara Crew?) in the movie, runs up to her. I remember my dad and I watching this movie so many times. What I didn't know for years was that my dad's "allergy" every time we watched it, was actually him dabbing at a tear in the corner of his, blue-gray eyes.

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2 thoughts on “This Movie Always Gets to Me

  1. How blessed you were to have such a loving father. Although he’s no longer with you, you have the ability to tap into your fond memories. What better way to honor a man who made his daughter feel like Shirley Temple in The Little Princess. The only difference between your experience and Shirley Temple’s was that yours was real and hers was just an act. Cherish the memories, my friend.


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