My Epic Road Trip

This is MY kind of road trip!

Brie – Ning and Hong’s Cheese Platter – photo by Julia

My perfect "road trip" would be a little different than most people. For me, I would begin my road trip when the chauffeured limousine would arrive in front of my door to pick me up (my husband and children could come too). I would then sip a drink called a Bocce Ball, orange juice (fresh), amaretto (just a little) and a dash of club soda. We would be taken to the private airplane (I hate standing on those long lines) and whisked away to Hawaii. The private airplane would be so comfortable that we would be able to sleep and feel well-rested once we arrived in Maui. Of course, no long flight would be complete without delicious food, our snack would be Brie and crackers, seedless red grapes and fresh, warm, Italian bread with butter. Bon Voyage.

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