A Character You Love to Hate

Meet Alexa


"Shut the f—k up, bitch" Alexa screeched. Her voice was high and shrill, you could practically see people shudder as she screamed loudly. Everyone in the small, upscale restaurant looked over at her and this only fueled her intensity. "What the f—k are you f—ing idiots looking at?" she roared. People in the restaurant, elegant, upscale couples from the East Side of NY shuddered. Alexa was overdressed in a gold lame miniskirt, and a sheer, black camisole. She demanded another dirty martini from the waiter, pulled out her cigarette case and lit up.

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2 thoughts on “A Character You Love to Hate

  1. Oh my, Laurie! What an introduction to your blog! I am just now checking you out after your kind comment on my post.

    I definitely did a double take after arriving at your address. “What the…?” I murmured to myself. I thought this was a Fibro blog?! I have to admit, though, that after reading the paragraph I was looking for more of the story! It sounded like some juicy story I would enjoy reading. Will there be installments?

    I then noticed the title above–prednisone, huh? Maybe this is an alter ego of yours coming off the drugs? I understand prednisone can do interesting things to ones personality. The plot thickens…I need to read more!

    And, I do look forward to your future missives — this looks to be a wild ride.

    THANKS! I sooo needed that!


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