The Weirdest Food I've Ever Eaten

We're Not At The Petting Zoo Anymore

Portrait of a goat

I didn't want to do it, I didn't think I could…..but we were in this very fancy restaurant that my doctor recommended and my husband ordered it. The people at the next table told me it was delicious; I was skeptical. It arrived and everyone oohed and ahhhed. There before me was a goat dish. I gathered up my courage and took a little bite. In my mind I kept picturing a goat at the petting zoo when my children were little. I thought I could overcome it but I couldn't. What does goat taste like? As usual, like chicken.

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4 thoughts on “The Weirdest Food I've Ever Eaten

  1. all morning I’ve been posting comments with glaring mistakes! I’ve had 2 coffees, been up for hours, and still am only 1/4 awake. Should never leave comment in this condition. My apologies!


  2. The strangest food I’ve eaten was some delicacies a friend from school mother cooked up one night. I didn’t ask what we were eating because I figured if I knew the answer, I wouldn’t eat it. And since I’d been invited to supper it would be rude!
    The strangest (okay, strange for me) food I’ve know I’m eating is moose! And I love mooses or is it moosi? The other odd thing was on my aunt’s farm, all the creatures, even those destined to be eaten where given names — talk about feeling close to your food!
    Actually, I think my parents were the ones who ate the strangest of foods, but I won’t share those experiences with you — too much for the brain to imagine!


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