The Most Wasteful Thing I Do Each Day

I Don't Like It But I Try To Deal With It:

Tropical Storm Alex is First Hurricane of 2010 [HD Video]

Hands down, no thought needed, the most wasteful thing I do each day is "worry". I know I shouldn't, I know you are not supposed to "meet worry half way" but I have to admit that sometimes (ok, frequently) I still do. I think of worst case scenarios: a mole is melanoma, a sore throat is eppiglotitis, a phone call in the middle of the night is, without a doubt, death or dismemberment. No, this is not a fun indulgence and sure I would like to change this about myself but as much as I instruct myself to "breathe, breathe" worry creeps into my mind like a hurricane building it's whirlwind strength. I am the eye of the storm, forcefully trying to move out of the way against very strong wind conditions.

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