Life's Little Awkward Moments: Dating

How Do You Do?


Many years ago when I was single I was matched up with a single man for a date. Luckily, we met for "drinks" which meant Diet Coke for me. If I had known then what I know now I (a non-drinker) would have ordered a double scotch, straight up and gulped it down as fast as I eat Skittles. Even one sip of my soda was torture. We talked about our professions, I worked with people: counseling them, interviewing them, doing mediation in Human Resources. He thought we had a lot in common. It turns out he was an undertaker in a funeral home (and as Jerry Seinfeld would say:" not that there is anything wrong with that") The conversation came, excuse the pun, to a dead halt. He tried to tell me details about his career but truthfully, I was turned off. All of a sudden I "remembered" that I needed to be home for an important call. I was pleasant, I was polite and I booked it out of there.

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