10 Things That Make Me Happy

Everyone writes about their family, friends and dog. Those are a given. These are little things that keep me happy, it's important to have these:

pussy willows
the soft, comforting texture in between my fingers as I rub my thumb over them.

there is a large field nearby where once a year the daffodils all bloom at the same time. I go out of my way to pass them even if it takes an extra five minutes.

Sara Lee Cheescake
The first cheesecake I ever had, with it’s buttery graham cracker crust, creamy filling and of course, those sugary strawberries in syrup.

I can let go of my worries and be taken in by this monumental force, watching the waves roll, one after another. Also, jumping in and out of the waves makes me laugh with joy.

Gray, rainy days make me feel gloomy. When the sun is out everything just seems a little bit better.

Lindt milk chocolate balls
Do you even need to ask? The feeling of the harder shell dissolving in my mouth to find the creamy truffle center in the middle.

My gray pocketbook
Because I fell in love with it in the store, bought it for myself as a pre-birthday present and it got the stamp of approval from my 16 year old daughter which made me love it even more. Besides, “gray is the new black.”

Gordon Ramsey
He always entertains me, whether it is him yelling curses on Hell’s Kitchen or being sweet (swoon) on his new show Master Chef.

I love the feeling of certain pens in my hands, the free ones that doctors generally have with some drug company’s name on it are wonderful. They roll around the page so easily. Also, fake rapidographs that you can buy now for $2.79 with it’s scratchy, fine lines.

Music is great therapy for me, I can play music to match my mood, it can bring me up or keep me company when I feel blue. It suits any need and I have a list of pure comforting songs from the seventies.

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