A Voyage to the Moon

Fly Me To The Moon? No Thanks.

[23/365] Hot chocolate

Here's the thing. I have no desire to leave this earth, there's time enough for that when I die. I don't want to push things. I'm a sensitive person, I get car sick if we are driving on windy roads; I get freaked out by turbulence on an airplane. Go to the moon? I think not. I'll stay grounded for the time being. Bon voyage, have a good trip. I'll be here in my cozy living room with a cup of hot chocolate and marshmallows waiting to hear the details.

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3 thoughts on “A Voyage to the Moon

  1. I’m afraid that the only one that might reach the moon at the moment would be Alice Kramden (you remember when Ralph used to say; “to the moon, Alice”).

    The closest that I ever want to get to the Moon is listening to Tony Bennett’s ‘Moon River’ or ‘Fly Me To The Moon’.

    I wouldn’t want to step all over that green cheese anyway!


    Mr. ‘L’


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