Me, Neighborly?

Tomyum chicken soup with Golden Needle and King Oyster mushrooms

Well, that depends… I have been a very good neighbor. I've baked banana bread and brownies and I have delivered them. I make a mean home-made chicken soup and a roasted chicken.I buy French bread so that the chicken soup won't be lonely. I lend, I offer, I give rides happily when asked. I even accompany people to doctor appointments…with one exception. My ex-neighbor was a surly old man, always complaining, cold and uptight. Whenever he approached us we all automatically thought we did something wrong. HE was the neighbor who called the police on the Good Humor Truck when my children were small. He couldn't stand the chirpy tune for 3 minutes so that the kids could happily order their favorites from the ice cream truck? He even yelled at my kids when they played with a frog in the pond out back. I admit it was his property not ours, but it was only separated by a few feet. Did he need to spoil childrens' joy with everything? I used to run out and order an ice-cream sandwich or a toasted almond with glee; a glorious reminder of when I was a kid. If this neighbor ever moved back, I would be the one complaining about him. I would not lend him sugar, banana bread would never reach his gummy false teeth, and I would be on alert to criticize him for any little thing he did. Call me petty, but no-one should be so mean that they kill the joy of children.

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