One Body Part I Would Like To Change

"I am what I am"

Demi Moore Cover Comparison

I wouldn't. At this point in my life I have earned my wrinkles and lines and burn marks from the oven. All my emotions show on my face, which sometimes is not a good thing, but at least it's honest. Would I like to hide my emotions better sometimes? Yes, but there's no way that's going to happen. As Popeye used to say "I am what I am." This is not to say that I wouldn't mind some improvements but I'm not going to let a surgeon near my body, neck or face to do some cutting and pasting. Cutting and pasting should be left to Microsoft word and Plinky prompts. I'm no Demi Moore, that's for sure, but I am my authentic self, wrinkles, a few extra pounds and a genuine, warm smile.

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7 thoughts on “One Body Part I Would Like To Change

  1. Laurie,

    It’s funny – you and I have never met and we know little if anything about each other and yet we seem to share mutual feelings for one another.

    There’s a warmth in your notes to me that I find so comforting.

    Thank you for being.

    Much love,

    Mr. ‘L’


    • oh, so very true!!! I haven’t had anyone get me like this since my dad died 8 years ago. Here is the article where I mentioned your name. I may have another one soon!My Greatest Achievement
      By hibernationnow

      ” There is night so we can appreciate day, sorrow so we can appreciate joy, evil so we can appreciate good, ‘YOU’ so I can appreciate ‘LOVE’ ! “

      This is one post I hope my teenage children will skip. It’s totally sentimental and for lack of a better word, “shmaltzy.”(sappy?). I can honestly say, without a second’s hesitation, that my kids (sorry Dan, our kids) are my greatest achievement. I don’t have a Ph.d nor have I received the Nobel Peace Prize; Oprah hasn’t given me a free trip to Australia (or a new car) but I’m extremely blessed. I have a son who will be 18 in a few weeks and a 16-year-old daughter. I am incredibly proud of both my children. Of course I love and adore them but I also really like and enjoy them too. They are extremely different, as siblings can be, but they both possess qualities that make me incredibly proud. I have brought two young people into the world that are intelligent, polite, kind, charming, and most importantly, they care about other people. Both of them volunteer, work and are excellent students. Are they perfect? Of course not. Do I get frustrated and annoyed sometimes? You bet. However, there is no doubt in my mind that both of them will make this earth a better place in one way or another. These kids are my heart and my soul. I have a son and a daughter, a phrase from an old song comes to mind: “who could ask for anything more?”

      I overcame infertility which, by itself, is a grueling and draining process, understood only by those people who have gone through it. Two and a half years of trying to get pregnant, 30 months of disappointment, tears and depression. I was meant to be a mother, it’s something I have always wanted and while not impressive to some, being a SAHM (stay at home mom,” Mr. L”)has given me more than just good kids; these kids are amazing. I’m honored to be their mom.

      P.S. if they ever read this, I am so cooked, I will get an endless amount of grief!


  2. You know (actually, I hate that expression because if you knew, I wouldn’t have to tell you!).

    I often wonder what Joan Rivers and Marlow Thomas among others would think after taking a really good look at themselves in mirror!?

    They both remind me of puppets sitting on a ventriloquists knee with their ‘rebuilt’ mouths being opened and closed by a pull cord behind their backs.

    What could these people possibly being thinking when after scatty eight face jobs they no longer look human?

    I’m sure Joan Rivers has already made advance arrangements with her mortician for one final lift so she’ll really have that ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ look in her coffin.

    I’ll tell you what really gets me though; these pretty young girls that have their upper lips blown up to twice their size – why doesn’t someone tell them how ugly they make themselves look?

    There’s one new commercial on the ‘ID’ channel hawking their stories about wicked women showing this beautiful young lady lazing on the beach with an upper lip that looks like a blister – I have to turn away because it’s so disgusting!

    My wife, who only recently passed away, was always concerned about a wrinkle here and there and I used to tell her not to change a thing because she would always be as pretty to me as the day I met her (and she was!).


    Mr. ‘L’


  3. All those photos are air-brushed anyway. (I ruined a co-worker’s fantasy life when I told him that what you see is not what you get!) I don’t think I could go through some of the stuff folks do to get their faces to look younger, but there is one area I always wished I had less of — my bustline, so that normally would be the body part I’d say I’d most like to change — what is the opposite of breast implants, one wonders.

    Right now, given med-induced weight gain and IBS-induced distenstion, whatever they do to tummies (a tummy tuck?) sounds pretty good too! So, I’m not as hono(u)rable as you embracing your wrinkles, and other “flaws” (not that they are, they just aren’t 53 being the new 33!) I’ve often heard the phrase: I wouldn’t change anything, I earned those wrinkles, especially worry lines on the forhead, honestly!

    Mine are due to stress, depression, lack of sun screen and moisturizer and inheriting the family “crinkle wrinkle on the right side of my face by my mouth.

    I admire your stance on this!


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