My Superstitions

No Way!

Courting bad luck?

My superstitions? Easy, I will not walk under a ladder. I have no idea why this particular superstition stuck in my mind from childhood but it did. I will walk around it, take a different course but I will not, repeat not, walk under the dreaded ladder. I can step on cracks in the pavement, I can feel lucky about Friday the 13th, I do not freak out over black cats passing in front of me. I will even, if I have to, open an umbrella inside the house but ladders? Not a chance.

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3 thoughts on “My Superstitions

  1. I knock on wood, make statements in the hypothetical (If all goes as planned, hasn’t happened yet but, If/when . . . ) to not “tempt fate.”
    From my mother, I picked up not putting new calendar up/using a daily planner, etc. until the starting date. (eg Jan. 1, September 1 for student-year-centred ones, etc.).
    Again from my parents (not sure if this was mom or dad), all Christmas decorations, including the tree, have to be taken down and put alway on December 31st — bad luck to have still there at the start of the new year.
    I throw salt, when I spill it, over both shoulders since I can never remember which one to you are supposed to throw it over.
    My mother had a whole bunch of folkloric stuff like if you dropped a untensil, depending on whether it was a kife, fork, or spoon, would indicate who would be coming to vist.
    I just started stepping on cracks after Mom was gone!


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