Pop Cop: Lindsey Lohan (Get A Grip)

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I read today that the quintessential Lindsey Lohan is headed back to rehab for violating the terms of her probation. Really. If it were up to me I would  boot her skinny white ass to jail where, I think, she belongs. Forgive me for being crass but let’s take the rich, glamorous, Hollywood glitz and celebrity status out of this situation and then do the math.  Replace Lindsey Lohan’s name with an UNKNOWN drug addict from ANYWHERE:  Hawaii, Nevada, Florida, New York, a tiny crack house in Los Angeles ( you pick) and then hand down your verdict. Remove the expensive lawyers, the media frenzy and the public’s fascination for Hollywood and where does that leave you? Probably in jail, with the rest of the people who don’t have a ton of money for rich, top-notch lawyers. If this case involved an unknown, “regular” person would they too receive the “get out of jail free” card? Not in my opinion. I don’t think they would get the same number of chances when they relapsed either.

How many “do-overs” would we get for the same exact crime?  Many people have drug and alcohol addictions and I am sure its an extremely difficult thing to go through but, in my personal opinion, it was made easier for Ms. Lohan.

I’m sick of a justice system that allows a young addict like Lindsey Lohan to go back to a rehab program instead of sharing a cell in the county jail (oh right, I forgot, she had her own private cell when she was in jail.)  Where is her orange jumpsuit now? What privileges have been taken away from her? They even removed the SCRAM bracelet that detects drugs and alcohol from her fragile, famed, skinny, ankle.

What’s next for Lindsey Lohan after rehab? Perhaps a movie career, a modeling job or a talk show host for the daytime diva.  I seem to be missing the part where she is supposed to say “I am totally responsible for my actions.” I don’t know what will happen to Ms. Lohan after her stint in rehab; I have no idea, nor do I truly care. In all likelihood she will be able to work on her clothing line in rehab and will reap the financial rewards when she gets discharged.

Will Lindsey Lohan go the route of Anna Nicole Smith? It’s a possibility, I’m sure. It’s in her best interest to finally get herself clean, I’m just not sure if she can stay clean and sober. For her sake, I hope she does. She has brought this upon herself, partying to all hours of the night with her friends; touting liquor like it was her favorite lipstick. Get clean Lindsey, you’ve been given yet another chance. Don’t mess it up.

5 thoughts on “Pop Cop: Lindsey Lohan (Get A Grip)

  1. Well, I’ll tell you what happened!

    When I sold my business in New York some years ago, we decided to move to Florida (like everybody else!).

    But, I was smart; I called the Florida Chamber of Commerce about my idea and they told me not to bother because the state was full!

    So we did the next best thing and moved to the left coast.

    Southern California has three unbeatable features; the weather, the weather and the weather!

    We gave the house in New York to the children so in case there’s an earthquake out here there’s a place to run to.

    Seriously though, now that my wife is gone and I have only my cat to share the house with it is lonely and I miss the kids believe it or not so it’s inevitable that some day I will return to the Big Apple.

    Love and regards,

    Mr. ‘L’


  2. All very well said – couldn’t have put it better myself!

    There’s another side to the ‘Lohan fiasco’ that most of you just read about but don’t have to be a part of;

    The inconveniences that are caused to those of us who live close by the court house in Beverly Hills where Ms. Lohan is a frequent guest.

    Once the news media gets wind of an appearance date they swarm the area by as early as 4 AM just to get choice spots in order to catch a glimpse of her arrivals and departures which take only seconds – it’s a joke with the atmosphere of a three ring circus!

    It ties up our town in knots traffic wise and must cost us in the zillions in overtime just for the police alone.

    What really gets me though is the smirk that you see on her face during each of these episodes like she loves the festivities, couldn’t care less and is oblivious to the gravity of the situation.

    It seems as though the court is also oblivious to the gravity of the situation – and that’s really a shame!


    Mr. ‘L’


  3. Whenever I hear of a celebrity or sports person getting DUIs, I just shake my head. They can afford a chauferred limo. In fact, they could pay for someone to keep an eye on them 24/7 and intervene if their boss was going to drink and drive, take drugs, etc.
    Not only are celebrities, in most cases, treated differently by the law, I want to know why we have to find out about it. Lindsey Lohan’s story was given more air time, I think, than the Chilean miners! I don’t really care what she, or anyother celebrity does, and if I did, there are plenty of places of the web and tv that deal exclusively with that stuff. It shouldn’t be a part of the nightly news! (sorry about the rant, but I get tired of celebrity/sports figures lives being top news stories when there is so much else going on both locally and globally)


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