The Best Road Trip Ever

Road trip? Me?


Australian countryside 🙂

Road trip AND Me = oxymoron. I don’t generally like to sit in cars for a long time, both because I have Fibromyalgia and it hurts, second, because I get impatient and childish. “Are we there yet?” comes from me and not my children but they do chime in. The one road trip my husband and I went on was when we were in Australia many years ago. (I admit it wasn’t by choice) I had a traumatic airplane experience when we flew from NY to Australia which stretched my ear drum. The pain was horrendous and wouldn’t go away. I had to see a Dr. in Australia and when he found out we were supposed to fly to Hawaii (frequent flyer miles people!!!) he said “No way.” While we hadn’t planned on this road trip, I wasn’t allowed to fly. We stayed in Australia and drove to other cities, to the beach, to the countryside. I gained a beautiful experience on the road even though I lost most of my hearing in my left ear. While I admit it wasn’t my first choice, I was so grateful that this happened. Road trip took on a whole new meaning for me; I loved it.

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1 thought on “The Best Road Trip Ever

  1. Wow — you really are a world traveller! Sounds like you had a wonderful adventure!
    There are folks in Australia with my family name — distant relatives I’m sure because the name isn’t very common.
    My ideal road trip would be through Patagonia. I’ve always wanted to go since I first read about it as a child. There ever are resort spas there now. Watched an amazing program on the Smithsonian Chanel last night called “Flying with the Condors” in which a world renowned hanggliding and paragliding woman, through trials, tribulations and broken appendages, still was able to have a flight with the condors of Patagonia. I’d love to try paragliding (though it would take a lot of practice to do what Judy did), and hope I have the winning lottery ticket so I can finance a road trip through the landscape of my dreams.


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