9 and A Half Minutes, Episode 2 (Interviews)

Virtual Resume & Letter

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I apologize. I’m supposed to talk about things that annoy me but I can’t today. That’s just way too mild for a topic that’s making me feel totally infuriated and incensed. I’m steaming. Literally. I feel smoke coming out of my hair follicles and anything near me could burst into uncontrollable flames.  I want to talk about a practice that I absolutely hate with a passion. Today I am talking about the job market and I’m NOT talking about President Obama or the economy. I’m talking about people. Specific people. You should know who you are but since you are so out of touch with reality, I’ll tell you.

I want to blast the inconsiderate Human Resource people or “People Person” as some call themselves now AND Hiring Managers that don’t take the time to give a candidate an answer, a final decision. I’m not talking about someone who has just sent in their resume, I’m talking about a candidate who has been in for an interview, not to mention four separate times for interviews. I’m talking about interviews leading up to talking to the CEO of the company and then…. hears nothing. NOTHING, bupkes, zip, nada. This is not only extremely rude and hurtful. It’s inhumane.

What happened to simple common courtesy? I was a Human Resources person way back when and not only did we acknowledge every resume that came in with a letter but we called each candidate that interviewed and gave them an answer. Did we enjoy turning people down? No. Was it a hard call to make? Yes. But, at least we gave the candidate the courtesy, they so rightly deserve, of a phone call to tell them the decision. If we couldn’t reach the person, we sent a letter, an authentic letter with the company’s letterhead and our signature; because people have the right to know, one way or the other.

Today? They don’t acknowledge you or reject you, they do absolutely nothing. Do these interviewers and hiring managers think that because the economy is so bad and that they have so many applicants it makes it okay to just let things slide. It is not okay, it is never okay; it is wrong. Gee, I guess after several months and no return phone calls you assume you didn’t get the job.  Don’t they know that it’s the waiting that is torturous?  In this scenario, “silence is not golden” silence stinks, it’s a cop-out, it’s cowardly. Tell me, just try to tell me that these hiring managers or employment representatives don’t have thirty seconds to either pick up the phone (what am I thinking?) or at the very least send an e-mail. An e-mail would give the candidates closure but no, job seekers don’t even get that. Why not? To me, it’s totally unacceptable and nobody can convince me that you can’t write an e-mail that says “thanks but no thanks, we selected someone with more appropriate experience and blah blah blah”. PEOPLE NEED CLOSURE so they can dust themselves off and try again. Apparently this is too much to ask for.

In my opinion, there are no excuses, it’s just plain rude and demeaning. What kind of world are we living in now? What have we become? Don’t give me the excuse about the volume of resumes either. I worked in HR for 25 years and we had resumes coming in by the hundreds. Sure, we were busy every minute but we made the time to call and let people know the hiring manager’s decision. People are stronger than you think, they just want to know, one way or the other.  So, turn on your computer, or ask your assistant to do it for you, write a courteous note, click send and give people their dignity back.  There are no excuses. Just do it. People are going through enough of a hard time trying to find a job. You are just being rude and inconsiderate. If I could, I would start a movement against this. That’s how mad I am. Very truly yours, “Norma Rae.”

3 thoughts on “9 and A Half Minutes, Episode 2 (Interviews)

  1. I certainly understand your anger having been through similar situations. To me, the problem starts when you first submit a resume. In 2004/05 when I was job searching, I sent resumes to hundreds of places (often electroncially as requested). Many did state specifically that your resume (your life, your career, your future) won’t be acknowledged as received due to volume. But, then, how do you know that your resume actually arrived (electronically or otherwise). Common curtesy should start at that level and work its way to up letting candidates know, one way or the other (or even if no decision has yet been made) after an interview, and especially after a series of interviews, etc.
    Not letting candidates know is not a new phenomenon, and a lot of organizations/companies are using the economy as an excuse. What I used to do was ask how long until a decision was to be made, gave the company/organization that amount of time plus a bit more, then called and asked if/when a decision was going to be made. I never trusted the interviewer/human resources to let me know if I wasn’t the successful candidate. I did this with especially with interviews for positions that were a long shot (ie. one job interview via phone was obviously a practice for the committee who had no intentions of hiring me — they got a polite phone call — I shook up the hr person by calling — which is what she needed — using someone as a practice run is very dishonest)
    Is calling the hr department ever a possibility? If there is a contact person at the company/organization, could consider either email or phone, rather than wait nervously and anxiously for a phone call. Especially if a time frame was given: the position needs to be filled by . . . ; we are interviewing candidates until . . .; we should know by . . . Just s thought, and maybe another way to channel your anger. Make the hr folks realize that there is a person attached to that resume, that interview, that meeting, etc. HR is the last place people should be de-humanized, and the first place it starts!


  2. I know ur mad…I would b 2!!! Same kind of crap happened to my hubby when hewas job searching…..it was maddening!!! They know there are so many people looking…they just don’t have any consideration at all! Thewhole world seems that way most of the time anymore……everyone is just out for number 1…..well, not EVERYONE…but u know what I mean…its sad. I truly hope it all works out really quickly….keep positive. Luv ya! xoxo


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