An Honest Thanksgiving

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It will be Thanksgiving in just a few days. While we all are looking forward to moist turkey and my husband’s famous stuffing made with mushrooms and apples, raisins and water chestnuts, I have a small request. Please be kind and sensitive to one another. I don’t worry about what things will taste like; I know they will all be delicious. The only thing I worry about, quite honestly, is drama. Holidays can bring up all sorts of feelings: loss, bereavement, jealousy, resentment, sadness, and despair. Old wounds start to feel new, grievances and perceived injustices start to bubble to the surface. Before we dig in to the mashed potatoes my mother made (cough, cough, bought from a restaurant), and cranberry sauce let us think about each other first. During dessert let us try to rejoice in each others’ company instead of waiting for the air to get thick with tension as dense as brown gravy.

This year, for the first year I have actually mentioned to several members of the family that I am asking for a “drama-free” Thanksgiving. I have chronic pain, my husband has been feeling sad because of  lack of work, please try to remember this.  Work  alongside us, tell us things will be alright eventually. Life is not perfect but Thanksgiving should be about what we are grateful for, not what we lack.

I don’t want to hear sullen complaints about the food or the appetizers and I’m happy to cook and clean, taste, stir, serve and clean-up. I will not be happy with arguments, whispered secrets said too loudly and explosive outbursts. Please just leave your coats and any agendas at the door and please, please think before you speak. Be courteous to everyone else. Don’t brag, insult, or be insensitive to other people’s needs.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my family and friends. May it be peaceful, filled with great warmth, love, gratitude and great food. I am thankful for all of you.  Now, let us eat.

4 thoughts on “An Honest Thanksgiving

  1. If only it could be true year-round. So well put 🙂 You’ve always deserved the best, and as the saying goes (aargh- cliche!)— “Good things come to those that wait.”


  2. Thank you for inspiring me to write this post:

    I was very surprised to see that we really wrote about the same ideas, just expressed a bit differently. Maybe you’ll try my experiment and see if it helps you get into the holiday spirit.

    And good for you for setting some limitations with the more, uh, grumpy members of your family about how much of their $/#! you’ll be putting up with this year. 😉


    • oh selena. i had a feeling that u didn’t read the lastest blog which makes this blog seem downright cheery. it’s called “because i can’t even speak” lower case on purpose. it might answer your blog request. well, i am grateful to have you as a new friend.

      Love, Laurie


  3. I pray you have a nice and drama free thanksgiving. They should all appreciate you hosting it and be adults and remember what the day is about. We have one person in our family who causes drama….and we didnt invite him this year…its my brother…my mom and dad aren’t real happy bout that, but I don’t care. I won’t have him and his insanity around me anymore. I have alot to be thankful this year, one being making a few really great friends online, one of course being YOU!!!


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