5 Things I Am Looking Forward to This Week

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Monday and a New Week
The end of a very long Holiday weekend. Thanksgiving was lovely but it was a lot of work and ended too soon. That happens when you plan something far in advance; once the day arrives, it seems to go so quickly, in one blurry moment. After the Holiday there are three more long, cold, days (I refuse to shop, even if I could, on these wild shopping sales days). Also, last week was HELL, this week is a redo. Everything last week felt depressing and gloomy. Been there, done that. Not going to let that happen again.

In Treatment (HBO)
Looking forward to watching the In Treatment episodes that I DVR. Love the show. I do miss Gina from Season One but love the characters of Jesse and Sunil, in particular. Debra Winger also plays a patient. This is a television show that is worth watching. It’s quick, intense and draws you in to the life of Paul Weston, a psychiatrist (on tv) and his patients.

Having lunch with my friend Sarah sometime this week. Always nice to catch up with good friends. We talk about going different places to eat but we always end up at our favorite diner. Perhaps date night with my hubby, just going out sans kids, to regroup and support one another.

Facebook Friends
Reconnecting with my supportive Facebook Friends on-line. I’ve found a bunch of incredibly nice and understanding group of friends that share the same illness I have: Fibromyalgia and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (an auto-immune disease) These women have become very important to me; we all care about each other. There is no judging, no one cares about race, religion, ethnicity, ANYTHING. We know what we feel and how and nobody in the outside world can truly understand it. But, we know you try…..

A few loose threads dangling in our lives; we may not get good news but at least we should have some definitive answers. After that we can give each other a push and move on……again.

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6 thoughts on “5 Things I Am Looking Forward to This Week

  1. I envisioned you and Tammy working out a menu of foods that would be suitable and enjoyable; creating the meal; setting a table by the computer, and each of you eating your lunch. Virtual in that you are watching each other eat as if you were sitting across the table. Best I could come up with given your locations!


  2. If you and Tammy both got “skype” you actually could have lunch together, via web cam! Don’t know how much it costs, tho! Put it on your wish list, and then you can have your cyber lunch.


  3. I don’t get HBO, so can’t watch your show…but I have heard it’s good! Goin to lunch with a girlfriend is always fun! Girl talk over lunch is a good stress reliever! Dinner out alone with hubby will be a wonderful idea! Like you said you can support each other and maybe catch a second wind. I’m so glad we became friends through the cyber world! It’s awesome to have someone to talk to that really understands what you’re going thru, and doesn’t judge you or criticize you for it,but tries to support and help you deal with it. Hope you have a fabulous week dear Laurie! xoxoxox


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