poor sad little girl


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my heart aches for someone i have never met. poor sad little girl is in a hospital and i didn’t even know it, she never told me. little clues started appearing that didn’t make sense and she finally said “i guess i’m good at hiding things well.” i do not know this person yet i feel so sad for her, with her.

it’s nearly christmas and the new year and i wish poor sad little girl had a place to go to, or something to look forward to. i asked her to think of one teeny tiny thing that makes her happy, a book, person, or a television show, a food or a thought and she said she would have to think about it and would get back to me. that is heartbreaking; poor sad little girl should be able to say one thing at least that brings her even a tiny bit of happiness but she can’t and i understand that, i do. my life is far from perfect but i could in a minute mention silly things like eating multi-grain toast with butter, honey and cheddar cheese or the smell of a mug of jasmine tea or i could say that my husband and two kids and my dog make me happy but i was hoping she could find something all i wanted was for her to mention one thing but she couldn’t come up with one right away and she probably can’t but she will one day soon i hope.

i want to nurture everyone, save them, make them happier, it is just part of my personality and it comes naturally to me? perhaps it is because i am a libra or because i am intuitive and sensitive. sensitivity is not necessarily a good thing really. you feel things strongly but you don’t just necessarily pick up on other people’s feelings you feel them too. too much so that it ends up affecting your own life and you need to find a delicate balance and shake yourself back to your own reality and know that there is a difference.

don’t give up poor sad little girl, and all the sad little girls out there, don’t ever give up and please try to remember that things will get better, really they will. there are people who love you and  each of you have a purpose in this life just sometimes we all get lost a little bit and we need to find our own way. and i know that you can and that you will, just hang on tightly all of you.

poor sad little girl, i am glad this year will end in a few days time. and i wish, like magic, that you wake up in the year 2011 with twinkling eyes and soft white hands and at first a tentative smile but then a broad smile like a slice of fresh pink watermelon.

this is my prayer.

DEDICATED TO MY SWEET GIRL, ALI and for all the Ali’s in the world. Love, “MUM”

5 thoughts on “poor sad little girl

  1. Heart breaking article. I have a domain callee Offer Support if you want me to fwd to your blog I will. Btw I am Dans friend. Ive done nothing with name but I always wanted to make a help and make a difference and if it will I would like to help.


  2. I hope the poor sad little girl can find something that makes her happy; perhaps her reply will be “having you as a friend.” There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to help others; everyone needs a little nurturing at times.
    And Maureen, I think it’s a wonderful idea to help someone; Christmas, and posts like “poor sad little girl” tends to make you think outside yourself and want to give/pay-it-forward.


  3. Very touching…we all wish we could help someone out but some people don’t care. You have made me think. I know someone I can help. Maybe tomorrow I will be able to. I don’t think it has to be on Christmas, do you?


  4. This is my 2nd attempt at leaving a comment…somehow my first got erased. This is so sad. There are so many sad people right now. The world seems to be running on depression these days. I’m a Libra also, as you know…I am also very sensitive to others feelings, and tend to absorb their emotions at times….makes it hard at times. I pray also that your friend finds her happiness….and with you as a friend she has a good start! Love ya! xoxoxo


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