Forecast: Snow And Pain

Ground blizzard conditions in Ontario. HWY 26 ...

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I never wanted to be a weather forecaster but I have found if I listen to my body, I truly, can predict the weather. This is not a fun job for me; nor is it a fun job for any people who have Fibromyalgia or another chronic pain disease. There’s a blizzard going on in the Northeast and before I heard about it, I felt it. I felt it in my tired and achy bones and muscles. I couldn’t stand up from a seated position without a lot of pain. I needed to hold on to someone’s hand because I felt off-balance. Some experts say it’s related to the barometric pressure changing. My degree in weather forecasting is not that advanced.

My bones, muscles and body hurt enough as it is. Today, my back and shoulders  and legs are aching and cramping horribly. I am having trouble getting up, sitting down, walking (shuffling) while holding on to the railing in my house for the stairs, one step at a time. I also have the infamous Fibro (Fibromyalgia) Fog that causes me to lose my train of thought or forget something that someone just told me ten minutes ago. It’s bad enough that it’s painful but feeling embarrassed and humiliated is another blog post altogether. I do not understand this mystifying illness; that said, it is hard to expect others to understand it as well.

We’re in the middle of a snow, blizzard emergency now.  I am praying for the electricity and power to stay on so we have heat all night. I’m piling on the blankets, flashlight at my side, candle at the ready….just in case.  It may look pretty outside with snow drifts and the sheets of snow coming down sideways in the light of our windows but it doesn’t feel pretty. It feels horrible, it’s like clenching your teeth in every body part. My neck is stiff and constricted, my shoulders are tight, I feel like the Tin Man of the Wizard of Oz but there is no oil to relieve my pain. I hope for continued heat for all my friends but especially my Fibromyalgia friends because we really know what COLD feels like.

Stay warm my friends, we’ll all get through this together. Huddle under extra blankets and lie still. There will be hot coffee in the morning or English Breakfast Tea with milk and sugar. It’s just the beginning of winter; we have a very long way to go.

2 thoughts on “Forecast: Snow And Pain

  1. My Mother used to be able to predict the weather with her aches and pains. Stay warm and toasty, drink your coffee and tea and keep all your emergency supplies near by!

    Hope tomorrow is better for you!



  2. There is something to weather changes and body barometers! For me, it’s change in barometric pressure = migraine, for others, it’s the foreshadowing through a fibro flare! ( even has an aches and pains forecast!)
    We got 22 to 24 inches of snow; today is windier than yesterday/last evening. There are snow tornadoes popping up in our yard, and out on the street. And, of course, everytime I went to throw my shovelful of thank goodness light, puffy snow, a gust would blow it back in my face, lol.
    Hubby dug out a valley in the backyard snow so we could feed the birds. It was so snowy yesterday/last night, that the bird feeders got full of it!
    The tree branches that lurk over our little roof are moaning and groaning; just the way I’m sure you must doing too be from your weather-induced painfest.
    I hope the lights stay and the heat stays on, and there’s fresh hot coffee for you tomorrow morning. Stay warm under the covers. By week’s end, the temps are supposed to go up to almost 50!


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