If I Had One Hour in a Time Machine… (Plinky Prompt)

Strawberry ice cream in a cone.

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Looking Back, Way Back

I would head back to my childhood, to my past. Life was simple, four best friends played together every afternoon and our only choice to make was what type of ice cream cone we would buy. Everything seemed perfect back then. Our moms were all near-by but in my time machine, the dads would be there too, all of them being kind and supportive. There was no problem back then without a solution. If you skinned your knee, someone would have a band-aid. We celebrated our youngest friend’s effort to ride a 2-wheeler; her blond hair wispy around her little face. I still see that image in my mind today. We were on the street corner across from Gussie’s candy and ice cream store. We skateboarded and roller-skated, played hand ball or jumped rope or hopped our way through hopscotch. “The Moms” would talk happily and if they were complaining about anything, we never knew. When it was time for dinner, we would all head back to our own apartments. Claudine and Roger in one building, Glen and I in another. We all ate dinner, usually at someone else’s house. When woke up in the morning, we headed to school together and knew that at 3:00pm, we would be right back where we were the day before. Together.

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4 thoughts on “If I Had One Hour in a Time Machine… (Plinky Prompt)

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  2. Love those memories! We lived in the middle of nowhere, and it was quite a bike ride to the “Royal Blue” if we wanted candy or pop. But we did it occasionally. Riding bikes was the best wasn’t it?


  3. I remember having a dime, looking at the display of penny candy, and figuring out just how much I could get. Those were 2 for a penny; others 3 for a penny. Being handed the tiny paper bag full of jujubes; licorice whips; cream candies; and wine gums. No wonder I have a mouth full of fillings! LOL (The nickel or dime often came from looking for bottles to return for deposit)


  4. I have to shreik here for a moment…. YOU LIVED ACROSS THE STREET FROM A CANDY & ICE CREAM STORE!!!???? Omgosh I just want to go back with you now! skip on down to the candy shop. 🙂 Is it still there?


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