Mint Chip Ice Cream Does So Taste Like Toothpaste…..( A Crazy Foodie Blog)

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Tonight I had left-over pizza for dinner. It was dry, it had that too- long- in -the- refrigerator smell and the fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil disappeared. I warmed it up but nothing changed. I had to make it taste better, we were out of food so I did what I have done since college (yes, I have witnesses) I put jam on my pizza. We only had Dominoes pizza way back then ( don’t worry, Dominoes, I’m sure your pizza is better now.) I was out of luck,I did not have Welchs’ grape jelly at home. I knew there MUST be something to help me out.  Two minutes later, I saw it gleaming and sitting on the side of the refrigerator door practically winking with a come-hither look.  A jar of peach preserves sat unopened. It gave the pizza the texture it needed and if I closed my eyes it was like eating French bread with jam. Thank you for saving my dinner.

There are questions that are just unanswerable: For example: why is it that I love peanut butter but hate peanuts? I don’t like chick peas but I do like hummus.  Could texture be an issue? Keep me far away from raw oysters, mussels or raw tuna. Tuna from a can mixed with celery and mayo does not count since it was YEARS before I associated the canned tuna with  real fish.

I’m s little fussy with my food, I admit it.  I also have the nose of a foxhound and if milk is even contemplating spoiling I sniff it out immediately and throw it away . “Dear Grocery Store Stocker, don’t think you’ll ever fool because I know not to take the product in the front and I check the expiration dates. I am on alert at all times, always saying  out loud “Did you think you could fool me? Amateur!!!!”  So what if I get a couple of weird looks?

I love eggs in any form but if I detect the tiniest bit of egg-shell in my food, crunching in my mouth it takes enormous self-control not to vomit, especially if I am in a restaurant.  IF I have been brave enough to swish it away in my mouth with juice or soda, ( can’t do it with plain water) there is no way that I would eat anymore. Also, if the egg white is not cooked through I can’t eat it (see texture issue). It’s almost as bad as  finding a hair in my food (again, think restaurant) which I think is also appalling. That is why, I sniff and explore my food before my first bite.  I think of myself as having certain food requirements: no egg-shell, spoiled stuff, hair in food, oh, and dead insects.

The last time I had a Greek salad in my favorite tiny Greek restaurant it was served with a dead bee lying right on top. Is it too much to ask that people look at the food before they serve it? I haven’t been back to that restaurant in two years now. I know about the chances of having it happen again but still….This is why when I go to a restaurant I face away from the kitchen. As you can tell,  I did read Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain and it both saved my life and ruined my life at the same time. Blame him.

7 thoughts on “Mint Chip Ice Cream Does So Taste Like Toothpaste…..( A Crazy Foodie Blog)

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  2. It’s funny that you think that Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream tastes like toothpaste because it reminds me of the flavor of Dr Nate’s lip therapy which tastes exactly like mint chocolate chip ice cream on your lips. My step son wants to know if he can make his toothpaste taste like mint chocolate chip ice cream now. To each his own!


  3. Yes I agree with you…it tastes like toothpaste, so do those mint milk shakes that have at McDonald’s. I have lots of food phobias…we would be good roomates. We could eat cereal, bagels and popsicles.

    But I’m sorry…….jelly on pizza? I can’t go there.



  4. I had a close friend who was a chef. I often visited her in the kitchen (on days when the restaurant was closed, and she was either cooking/baking ahead or experimenting). We spent many pleasant hours nibbling, laughing and chatting.
    However, she told me enough horror stories about what goes on in a kitchen (the worst were stories from the hotel kitchen in a 5 star hotel where she worked for awhile) that I never looked too closely at the surroundings when I joined her, and for many years became very careful about where I ate, and what I consumed. Being able to see into the kitchen or where your food is prepared, or eating at one of those restaurants with the open grilling area does make a difference.
    I’ve found more in the processed food I’ve opened at home (just this week a piece of metal in a jar of salsa) than in restaurants. But then, I rarely eat out!
    I always look at the best buy date on ALL products that have it. My mother got “funny” about best by dates, and would throw away food that was unopened, but within a month of the date, or meat that sat in the fridge for a day before freezing. Eggs had to be consumed months before the due date (try finding eggs fresh enough in most grocery stores). At least her town had community composting so all the food didn’t entirely go to waste: it turned into compost the town sold for $1. to $5. depending on how much you took with you. Couldn’t put in veggie gardens, but for flowers, shrubs, lawns, it was great!
    Must admit I’ve never had mint chip toothpaste, LOL


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