Beyond The Pink Sky

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I’m watching tiny flecks of snow come down constantly, through the trees and on the trees like vanilla frosted brownies. It is peaceful with my husband and children home. They have a snow day and they are as excited now as they were when they were eight and ten. I don’t think you ever  get over the excitement of a snow day, no matter how old you are or what you do.

My daughter and I ate egg and cheese sandwiches that my husband made. Our son sat in the family room in his blue fleece beer mug pajama pants, his phone in one hand, the other playing X-box. I wanted to say “come here, watch the snow fall from the sky” but I know better. At their ages, 16 and 18, they have their own personal snow scenes that don’t include me. It took some getting used to when they were in their early teens but now we have settled into a routine. I know that this routine will only last a little while and then it will change and be replaced by another. I’m not great with change but I know I need 24-48 hours to get used to new things and then I am fine or as fine as I can possibly be.

I am wearing my dad’s old West Point sweatshirt and blue snow flake pajama pants, lying in our bed, alternately reading, writing and glancing up to the sky to see the delicate flakes fall. The sky is so full of snow that it looks pink. I always say I hate the winter and I do but for the first time I wonder if I did live in a warm climate all year round, would I miss it?  Would I appreciate Spring as much as I do if I didn’t have to go through Winter?

My daughter just brought me a cup of tea and served it to me in my room. How lovely that she asked me if I wanted a cup. Children are joyful beings and as an old teacher once said “they will constantly surprise you” and they do. My children will be grown-ups soon, they will age, as we all do. My children have grown up here in our little house with their bikes and skateboards, “Razors”  and their lemonade stands.

The best thing I have ever done in my life is to get married to my loving husband and have two of the most amazing children you could hope for. I never had much ambition in life other than being a mom and writing, but being a mom is who I am; it’s what I was meant to do; it’s my Nobel Peace prize, my heart and my soul, my life’s work.

When our work in life is completely over bury me near a tree that blooms pink flowers with my husband and soul-mate, my love and best friend beside me. If all it said on my headstone was “Loving Wife” and “Beloved Mother” I would be gently smiling, and at peace.

9 thoughts on “Beyond The Pink Sky

      • wow…i didn’t read depressing into it at all….sounded like a quiet peaceful snowy day at home with the family….like a day at my house….so i guess even though u were feeling depressed when you wrote it, it can be viewed differently by the readers….cuz to me it didn’t sound like you were a depressed woman complaining or moaning about life…sounded like a woman content with her life….I havn’t blogged myself in ages…cuz I dunno how my writing will come across, cuz I’ve been so sleep deprived and bummed out…lol….anyway, keep on blogging miss laurie, cuz we are all getting something from it! 😉 xoxox


      • well yea…dieing sux. but the way u had written it , it was just a peaceful and comfortable end to a quiet and loving life. not like ur dieing tomorrow….none of us know when we are gonna go, or how….but to me, the ending wasn’t really even depressing….I guess I’m a weirdo! lol Oh well…I’m pretty depressed myself, so maybe it means I’m even deeper into it then u are! good grief…we’re a mess aren’t we? lol I’m watching some depressing movie right now about a depressed woman…so, maybe I will watch a comedy next and it will lift my mood! 😉 luv ya! xoxoxo


  1. “I never had much ambition in life other than being a mom and writing, but being a mom is who I am; it’s what I was meant to do; it’s my Nobel Peace prize, my heart and my soul, my life’s work.”
    To create a loving functional family is an ambitious undertaking; you have more than met your amibitions with your hubby, kids, and blog.


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