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Nutella, mon amour!

Image by JoX1989 via Flickr

I watch shows like “Unwrapped” on the Food Network Channel and it does me no good. I get too hungry while I am watching it so I slip downstairs for a snack or I’m afraid… seven. I can’t possibly match what I am eating to what I am watching so I stick to what we have in the house; it is not a pretty picutre. Tonight, I had two mini packs of cereal with milk; first, Apple Jacks and then Fruit Loops. Two sweet snacks with healthy one percent milk but after that the problems continue….now I need salt.

I located one of my new favorite items “Snyder’s Pumpernickel Onion Pretzel Sticks. Close your eyes and munch away and you will swear that you are eating a piece or two of pumpernickel toast. I know, right? It seems too good to be true but it really does work.  Another new product I have found are the 6-pack of Raisinettes.  You know when you go to the movies and they try to sell you practically a quart size of Raisinettes for twenty dollars? (ok,so I am exaggerating a little.) You feel like a complete slob if you eat the entire package but it’s just plain wrong to think we could stop half way. Impossible. Now this 6 pack gives you a smaller size so when you eat the entire package, you really didn’t ! Best part about it? You have five packages left!

On “The Best Thing I Ever Ate- Sweet Tooth” they were featuring crepes.  Sure, I will try anything that calls itself “Pure Ecstasy” (and I mean that only in a chocolate way) but frankly since I am not a chef I would just go for the main ingredient which is Nutella. Nutella is an amazing creamy combination of chocolate and hazelnuts; it looks a little like milk chocolate pudding in a jar.  I don’t need to make a crêpe for this delicious combination, all I need is a spoon, preferably a big one. Nutella is a staple in our house sans crêpe.

The next thing I saw featured was the Sant Ambroeus’ cake, named for the Sant Ambroeus, café.  It’s actually two (chocolate) desserts, chocolate mousse AND a pocket of chocolate custard,  in chocolate.  This would pretty much ensure a bonding experience with my daughter who is a complete chocolate addict. My goal is to take her there one day.

Next stop is to Tartine in San Francisco, a double pain au chocolate which is like a croissant, shaped differently with a lot of chocolate in it. In addition the other ingredient is lots of butter. Let’s see we have bread dough, butter and an amazing amount of delicious chocolate. What’s not to like? This is just not anybody’s chocolate either, (Hershey’s chocolate is still always fine with me) it’s special and I have to admit I would love to try it.

Next up, chocolate, peanut butter popcorn. I couldn’t kid you about this if I tried and why would I make it up?  I’m really not sure I like the sound of it. Convince me. A perfect blend of salty and sweet, maybe you have something there. Wait, what? Add popcorn and peanuts, chipolte chocolate sauce? “Sweet heat?”  Served with butter popcorn ice cream over home-made Cracker Jacks?  I think I will pass but of course that is just my opinion.  Another feature was like a home-made pop tart.  Seriously? A pastry shell and an interior of fresh fruit. Sorry, but to me this looks like more of a cereal bar and too healthy too. Of course I would try it if it was in front of me but I don’t think I would seek it out. If all else fails, and there is no deluxe chocolate combination to eat I will stick quite happily to my Nutella and to my Raisinettes. Now if they only came in dark chocolate 6-packs for my sister’s birthday…..

*I am not responsible for any incorrect detail due to intensified drooling.

5 thoughts on “*SWEET! ( A Foodie Blog )

  1. @mo: how about ice cream, cheesecake, and pie? If no to all 3, then you must be a vistor from somewhere in a galaxy far, far, away — I hear men from mars are partcle to strawberry rhubarb pie with whipped cream and icecream and women from Venice like cheesecake with bailey’s drizzled on top– but that could just be part of a controvesary theory designed by the cheesecake, Bailey’s bakers/manufacturers, and strawberry and rhubarb growers association. lol


  2. You made me hungry just reading this post. But, to tell you the truth…I don’t really LOVE chocolate. I know that sounds ridiculous, almost unbelievable that there is a woman on this planet that doesn’t lose their mind over chocolate. I’m always the one that would grap the Twinkie, or the white cupcake with the white frosting. I know there must be something wrong with me….oh, I don’t like popcorn either. Maybe I’m an alien.


    • the sad truth is that I AM A VANILLA GIRL. but if chocolate is there..so am I. Love twinkies and orange cupcakes and snowballs and vanilla cake with vanilla frosting too. guess i’m so flexible!

      Love, Laurie


  3. As I’m deathly allergic to peanuts, you lost me at the peanut butter popcorn. Not a big nutella fan, but love pain au chocolate (used to get in Vancouver, BC, maybe it’s a west coast thing) and doubling must make it twice as good!
    Unfortunately, the only 3 sweet things in the house are: white sugar for hubby’s coffee, the dregs of a large jar of raw cream honey (that I eat with a spoon) and one chocolate-covered graham biscuit (gift for hubby and I already ate more than my fair share) so I’ll just have to imagine eating a pain de chocolate with a capicuno (misspelt) on a foggy west coast day at the Granville Island market, watching the gulls and the tourists.


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