My Favorite Forms of Creative Expression

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There are many ways I express my creativity even though I am the worst “arts and crafts” person around. When my daughter was little and in the girl scouts I would ruminate for hours on what craft I could and would do to entertain the girls. I write (as you would expect!) and I also take photographs. There have been many times I have made collages out of some of the photographs I have taken and pictures ripped from magazines. I use quotes, poetry, even things that have broken, cemented on to the poster board of the day. I find that it really showcases how I am feeling at that particular time. I never plan it out, I just collect a lot of things and put it together the way I want. There is no wrong or right way. I have missed making a collage, thanks for the impetus; I’ll start a new one very soon.

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8 thoughts on “My Favorite Forms of Creative Expression

  1. I may do a week-end retreat so that would be perfect for you to come.
    John Wayne Airport, Orange County is where you’d fly in and there are TONS of hotels nearby.

    I’ll keep you informed about the retreat and will send you a flyer about the next one in March ( doing with a colleague) when it finalized.

    You can see some of my past workshops on I can’t get into my web-site to update it so it’s a bit behind but you can get a better idea.


  2. Have fun with your collage: I’m sure one of your kids could help with the picture taking and posting!
    I remember doing collages in high school art classes (yes, my school still had them). I can’t draw or paint, so the collages were the only art projects I got a good mark in (except for the time I got my mom to help me draw some perspective pieces assigned as homework so I’d pass the course! Don’t know why the teacher didn’t catch on!)


  3. I never heard the term until a couple of weeks ago.
    Essentially it is taking one word or phrase and writing it over and over filling in a space on a page or creating an image with the words. The stacked part is that the same word(s) gets stacked on top of each other as you write it over and over. When you write it enough it becomes like a texture on the page.

    It’s a bit like pointillism (sp?) where dots are used to create the picture. — this is a link that looks like fun. AND a workshop exercise!


    • i read about your workshop in February. Pls. let me know if you are going to have one again. I may have airline points and it’s something I would love to do. Is there a hotel nearby? p.s. I don’t feel so bad about not knowing what stacking was now, lol.

      Love, Laurie


    • ask Phylor I am clueless with computers, sending and posting pics. I am starting a collage even if I beg my son to do it for me you will see it when it is done. I thoroughly enjoy your blog. Glad I am getting to know you!

      Love, Laurie


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