Tales of the youngest child…..

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I have an older sister who is five and a half years older than me but in some ways I feel like an only child. We are nothing alike and since she never wanted to have anything to do with me growing up, there are not a whole lot of memories that we share. I always told my sister that I would never “pick her to be my friend.” That says a lot. It sums up everything in our relationship. When I needed HER she was never there for me, when I got mugged and asked her to walk me home the next day, she wouldn’t. When I was abused and woke her up she told me to go away and let her sleep. When I had surgery my sister had to be prodded and pushed by our parents to help me; they told me that. She flew to my college graduation and left before my name was called to the stage. My parents had driven up to my graduation which, agreed, was a very long drive, she flew and they let her. I was always the one left to mop up her messes, to parent our mother and father, sometimes, to parent her. Even now at age 54 and almost 60, we are not close; I may love her but I do NOT like her. When my father was in the Emergency Room many years ago I begged her to come. She refused. I begged her again, to come there FOR ME and she said “no.” She did not come, she didn’t feel like driving in the dark even though it was only a 30 minute drive from her house. How can one forgive that? I try to help people, and do good deeds for others, she doesn’t. My mother says “she’s good at calling every day” and “she knows the daughter to call if she needs someone.” Trust me, I am not bragging, believe me, this is not a competition, I don’t consider myself “winning.” How could I? If she is forced to help it is only when if it is convenient for her. I don’t like having a sister that I can’t rely on for anything. My best friends fill that role. I trust them, I can rely on them. I probably could rely on Facebook friends that I have never met before I could count on her. When my first-born, my son, was born she told me to leave a message on her answering machine because she didn’t want to wake up for the news. She is totally self-involved and selfish and she has no clue how she comes across to others, she doesn’t even know herself. She once told our ill mother that she wanted to have lunch with me but I couldn’t and continued to tell our mother that she would NOT drive the extra 20 minutes to visit our mother. My mother, in tears, tells me these things but not her. She has always gotten away with a lot, my parents did not want to make any more waves in her tumultuous past, not even a ripple. That was their big mistake and I knew that as a teenager but they did not. My mistake? For sometimes thinking she will come through, having a tiny flicker of hope and always being let down. My husband questions me: “but it is your sister” he says, “you KNOW how she is” and he is right. I do know how she is; I will never be sure of why she is like that but I have to accept it because she will never change. The ONLY good thing that came out of my sister and me is that we each have a boy and a girl and the “cousins” adore each other. This is one good thing, maybe it needed to skip a generation; they have each other.

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4 thoughts on “Tales of the youngest child…..

  1. Laurie, Your story is certainly sad. My sister is eight and a half years older than me…57 to her 65. When we were young she was the “big sister” who just ignored me. Then she married a jerk and we rarely saw each other. But the last 25 years – after she divorced the jerk – we have become very close. We finish each others sentences. My boys adore her, and my Hubby thinks she walks on water. I feel so sad for you. My sister-relationship is so important me. But you are very lucky to have good, close friends you can depend on. Sometimes friends can be more reliable than family. So sorry.


  2. Wow. Very passionate entry Laurie! I can relate, but I’m the OLDEST child with a younger brother who has always been self absorbed and he was always mean and abusive to everyone. My parents always explained away his behaviour and made me give him the toys or let him win or clean up his messes. He ended up a drug addict/alcoholic who hasn’t worked more than 30 days in his 40 years on the planet. My parents still take care of him as he lives with them. I always wished for a sister who I could be best friends with, share secrets with, share clothes with…lol, I think I idealized having a sister would be amazing as opposed to a brother…but as I grew up, I learned sisters are not always your best friend. I love the quote about not being able to pick your family….anyway Laurie…you are a good daughter and a great person….that counts. We love you! xoxoxo


  3. Ugh. I have two half-sisters like that. I mean that’s the dynamic between the two of them, one is giving and caring and the other couldn’t be bothered to show up when our mother is dying, but she still is daddy’s favorite…even though the caring one is the one that cleans up daddy dearests messes. (I’m like Switzerland with the two of them. I try my damnedest not to get involved) The caring one used to be very upset by the other sister’s behavior but in the last several years she has given up any hope or expectation. I can see where she still hurts sometimes and I feel bad for her, but there is absolutely nothing that can be done to salvage the relationship and she knows it. I’m sorry for your loss.


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