How I Am Liking 2011 So Far…..

Happy Valentine's Day Flickrites!

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I’m Ready For February


One step forward, two steps backwards and on and on we go. My husband, after 18 months finally got a job! That was the sweetest day of the new year and he starts next week. Yes, there will be changes, a new schedule, new demands and adjustments but to see the old easy, grin on his face again is worth more than ten times his salary. At the same time because I have a chronic illness (Fibromyalgia) I know I will need to do more and try to handle my pain the best way I know how. It will not be an easy adjustment for me, especially when he travels, but I will find my way. Our children are now 16 and 18 and they are at the ages where we expect them to help us if we need it. They are no longer children and while they may not offer help indiscriminately, they will never say “no.”

The weather in the year 2011 so far has been as bad as the last month in 2010, snowstorms and blizzards every other day at times. This is the winter of our collective discontent when the only thing you could do is stay indoors. Hopefully, we will get a break and Spring will come early this year. (I know, I don’t believe it either!)

Creativity is high on my list not just with writing but I am planning to make a new collage and I haven’t done one in years. The last unfinished collage was on thick black paper with small pieces of broken glass glued to it. Not hard to interpret. My new background will be pink. Friends ask me what it is going to be about or how will it look? I laugh, because I never plan what I am going to write, cut, draw or paste; it puts itself together and I am looking forward to sitting at my old blue folding table and working, surrounded by music.

I’ve learned to define and understand something very important: “Friendship” know who your true friends are and accept what they are able to give you and not expect more of them. In the same vein, I know that family members are not my friends. I’ve worried about my mom’s health, had my own health scares but all is well and I am ready for February. Bring it on! I’ve got my boots on my feet and my brown winter jacket hugging me tight. I’ve learned, little by little, how to ride the waves, whether they are frozen or not.

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5 thoughts on “How I Am Liking 2011 So Far…..

  1. Hello! If the Dear J message is mine then thank you for trying to send me messages in my site — I always appreciate comments and interactions. Love your message too via Max Haiku. As for my email address it’s

    Have a great day by letting your heart overflow with gratefulness to each of His blessings — all around.


  2. Life is sure full of changes…..”waves”…..gotta learn to surf em if we are to survive. Surfing gets tiring though. The last five years have been ridiculously hard on me and my family for certain…but we just keep hanging on. I know it’s been rough for you too. I’m so happy for you all that Dan got a new job, even though I know it will be a huge adjustment for you all. Wish we lived near each other, so we could help keep each other “afloat” during the sunami waves that roll in….but we have to settle for this keyboard and glaring screen. You’re in my thoughts and prayers daily Laurie! This stupid gloomy winter crap will be out of our lives soon…and things will look a bit cheerier with increased sunshine…I hope. I love your last line of advice! xoxox


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