If You Could Read Minds, For A Day, Would You? (Plinky Prompt)

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  • If I Could Read Minds
  • When you say “hello” I know how you are feeling….
  • I would definitely read minds, but not to freak you out, I have a small amount of that ability already. I didn’t ask for it or train for it but I have always been super intuitive. I sense things, feel things, when others don’t. I have learned not to be scared of it, not to be proud of it but just to accept it and honor it. I have always been a very sensitive person (sometimes it’s a gift, other times it’s a curse) even when I was a child.
    I’d want to know if people were true to themselves, are they lying even when they are complimenting me? Are they truly kind or do they just want recognition. Truth and honesty hold a lot of weight with me; maybe because I am a Libra; always a Libra no matter what that new horoscope alignment says.
    There are times when a blink of an eye conveys a message to me, often I can feel and understand what is not said in a conversation. Sometimes, when I call people and they answer the phone with a simple “hello?” I will say “what’s the matter?” I’m not always right and since I am so sensitive I can read more into something that is there. But, I’m right WAY more than I am wrong. The only exception, I am not good with certain things when it comes to myself because my own anxieties or emotions overwhelm me and I am not objective. That’s when I need my sister or one of my two best friends to listen to me and separate the anxiety away from the reality.
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2 thoughts on “If You Could Read Minds, For A Day, Would You? (Plinky Prompt)

  1. I’m not surprised you can “read minds.” You are a very compassionate and caring person, and someone who is open to such possibilities.
    With some friends, there is a “mind-meld” of sorts where we can tell what each other are thinking. And, before my mother’s stroke and dementia, we would finish each others sentences at times, so we must have had some some of intuition into each others thoughts.
    One friend and I actually had an all internal conversation once, and broke the spell when we suddenly realized we were talking without opening our mouths, just our minds.
    I have an uncanny ability to tell if some folks are pregnant — sometimes without even seeing/talking to them — (I’m usually right, and know before they do at times) since I was around 3 and I knew my aunt was pregnant before she called to tell my mother the news.
    I don’t know if I’d like to read random minds; there are some folks I’d like know how they are REALLY feeling.


  2. I read your post with interest. I did see that Plinky Prompt, and wondered how people would respond. As for me….I don’t think I would want to read people’s minds. I am too sensitive and would probably just get hurt knowing what evertone was really thinking. Not just about me…about everybody around me. Too scary for me. Now if I could read someone’s mind and only get the good stuff….that would be great!


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