The Fibromyalgia Fall And Flicker

NYC - MoMA: Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World

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On one of those freezing days we suffered through recently I forced myself to do a couple of errands even though with Fibromyalgia, the 50 mph winds and cold temperatures are not my friends. I was proud after I did my first errand but then I fell on a step, hard. I found myself sprawled and hurt in front of a store.  I landed heavily on my left wrist and right knee. I had to wiggle my body closer so I could tap my nails on their door. A few times. I felt like Christina, in Andrew Wyeth’s  famous painting, Christina’s World. Finally, two women came out looking at me like I was a drug addict, alcoholic, or homeless person that  decided to crash there for a good time. The women opened the door a few inches. I said “I fell, I’m hurt,  I can’t move, can you help me up ?”” I can still see their suspicious faces as if I had hit them up for some heroin.  Finally, a man came running from the back of the store and moved the bitches, I mean women, aside. “What happened,” he cried “are you hurt? Let me help you.”  I was so thankful to hear kind words I could have cried. He came over, pulled me up, then made me come in to the store to sit down and asked if I wanted some cold water. This man became my prince for the day.

Driving home was excruciatingly painful but I had no choice. When I arrived, I sat down on our faded, green living room couch, put my head down and stayed there, not moving.  A few minutes later my husband came in, looked at my face and said “What’s wrong?”  I said ‘I fell’ and then told him the story. My wrist was incredibly painful. Knowing my history with loose bones and plenty of breaks and sprains, my daughter drove me to the doctor’s office. She’s 16 and a half, has her junior license and she sailed through the streets remaining  calm, kind and mature.

An x-ray was taken and I returned to his office for the results. I was thrilled that it was not broken or sprained but also incredulous because of the pain, I couldn’t move my hand.  He asked me for a list of medications that I took and I said Synthroid and Savella. His eyebrows furrowed, his voice became louder and firmer and he asked “what do you take Savella for?”  I answered “Fibromyalgia” and then I saw it. The flicker of suspicion in his eyes and the dismissive nod of his head. I then asked him what I should take for the excruciating pain and he snapped like the arrogant lizard he was and said “Motrin, that’s it.”  He shut my file loudly and ushered me quickly out the door. Fibromyalgia is still, for some people, a mystery and a question mark. I hadn’t seen that flicker of hostility and disbelief in a long time; I will never see it from THIS  ignorant doctor again.

5 thoughts on “The Fibromyalgia Fall And Flicker

  1. ((((( Oh Laurie )))) are you ok????? Please text me so I’ll have your phone # again (I don’t know why I can’t find it ~ I want to call you). 😦

    I hate that! I hope you are feeling more comfortable now. You know what’s really been helping me quite a bit? The microwaveable heating pads. Even just for every day aches & pains. I need to introduce you to my dr. He can help us get disability too I think – though it’s been so long since I was able to work, I don’t know if I would be eligible again (I did receive it for 2 yrs. when I first got sick in the 1990s – I was in San Diego then though). Please text or IM me, k? Love you


  2. Oh boy can i sympathise!ive been told to take tylenol for my fibro pain.I told the doc that i took Tylenol 1 with codeine and ibuprofen and aspirin and none of them touch the fibro.Im basicly being told to deal with it and yet i was turned down for disability.
    Ive fallen a few times so now i walk as little as possible and use a cane.Fibro sucks !!


  3. I’m so sorry that happened to you. It still amazes me hearing stories like this. Doctors that just don’t have any clue and are mean and dismissive like that. That’s why I named my website, “I Told You I Was Sick” because nobody ever believed my mystery symptoms either. I hope you find a doctor that completely understands you and treats you with respect.



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