I Would Love To……..

Norah Jones at Bright Eyes at Town Hall 29 May...

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I would love to dance, thank you. I imagine a man (my husband DOES NOT Dance) asking me, I would say “yes” shyly with a flick of a smile and my green eyes sparkling. I see myself standing up, taking his arm. I’m nervous, excited, thrilled. We would dance to Norah Jones “Come Away With Me” slowly, our bodies first far away from each other with respect, then inching closer. I don’t want the dance to end, and I sigh with relief as another Norah Jones song “Come Away With Me”comes on. My eyes are a question mark and the smile on his lips is my answer. I am so happy dancing, clothes touching clothes, heat feeling heat, swaying slowly to the romantic music, my head nestled into his shoulder breathing soft, warm breaths.

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2 thoughts on “I Would Love To……..

  1. I’ve never really liked dancing (always had two left feet), but I’ll always remember dancing with my husband at our wedding. Our last dance was to Norah Jones’ “Come Away With Me.” It was so soft, sweet, romantic. Wonderful moments in time…


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