Rx: Ginger Snaps

ginger snaps

Image by sweetbeetandgreenbean via Flickr

I have self- prescribed a new medication that treats many of my annoying illnesses, my arthritic hands, my painful legs and general muscle and joint pain. You can find this medication at some drug stores and every grocery store. You don’t need a triplicate, you don’t need a physician’s signature and no one will think you are crazy if you fill this prescription; they will not look at you crossly if you double the amount. You don’t need to plead with your Doctor or Specialist and you don’t have to see their withering looks when they deny you the medication.

My new drug of choice, are ginger snaps. At first, I bought them on a whim. Then, seeing the improvement in my mood, I bought them again and I think they help more than the other six or seven medications that I am on for Fibromyaligia, or Hashitmoto’s Thyroiditis. Nothing else seems to work so I may as well get enjoyment out of this prescription.

I don’t have to eat ginger snaps on a full stomach or two hours before eating: there are no instructions. I eat them when I want. More importantly, I don’t resent this drug for not working as much as I do all the others. They are not covered under my insurance plan but that is alright, they are reasonably priced and always available. They are my treat after long days trying to adjust to a new, busier schedule. My husband is working full-time now while I am still feeling my same old, tired, achy self.  I have tried the generic brand instead of the name brand and I am completely satisfied with either choice.

The first bite, those of you with (TMJ) might think about putting the cookies in the microwave, for a while before digesting.  Nuke to taste. Or, just suck on them for longer joy and satisfaction. You can also dunk them in a lovely cup of Earl Grey tea, milk or coffee. There is no real overdose danger except your pants might feel a bit snug if you eat the entire box in one night but that side effect has never been reported (and who would report it??)

It stands to reason that this particular drug, unlike Oreos, Milanos, Twinkies, or Chocolate Teddy Grahams, is a guilt-free treat. My point is, I feel like they are entirely medicinal. My stomach feels soothed, my mouth has something to crunch on that is not  boring old celery and I get many different taste sensations in one bite. The first bite fills you with a very hard crunch, be wary of any loose teeth you may have. The “ginger-esque”  burn comes at the end: during and after your last swallow. The only problem I see with this medicinal treat is that they are highly addictive so make sure you have a box or two extra, hiding in your pantry or medicine cabinet.

I pretend/know they are healthy and I don’t even look at the calories, fat grams or carbohydrates. Here is my theory:  if they are not sweet, they are definitely good for you. If anyone else has down the same medical research on this drug or any other, I’d love to hear about it.

9 thoughts on “Rx: Ginger Snaps

  1. Now I am soooo hungry for some of these cookies! Can’t get the thought out of my head…but, tomorrow it is gonna be on my list, even if I have to send someone else out to get them! I have nausea frequently….I drink Ginger Ale sometimes, I luv it…I have eaten the cookies before when I was younger, just never thought of them until Miss Laurie Lou just mentioned them! Thanks Big Sis! lol


  2. I know some gingersnaps would put me right to sleep. Hate not being able to go to sleep. So much pain and of course depression added.


  3. I have used ginger capsules for nausea. It works but I don’t like the taste. (I taste it even though it is in a capsule. My GERD brings the flavor right backup 😦 I would glady eat the cookies….but I don’t like them 😦

    Oreo cookies for me. It will sooth my soul if it doesn’t take away my symptoms!


  4. oops so many typos ~ I am having an incredibly horrible crash today (cfs/me intertwined with my flared fibro symptoms, adding a cold to the assault on my body). I look so deathly white, my eyes swollen, that I was compelled to take a picture of these fibro eyes that not many people get to see (the hidden illness)… I could not believe it myself, the transformation from the happy “normal” 46 year old woman i was just a few days ago, to the very old, sickly, woman I saw in my picture ~ I swear I’ve aged 10-15 years in the last 2 hours….


  5. Ah you’ve decovered my favorite med too ~ only I insist on mixing a bit of a Cortland apple with a bite of the Sunny yellow-orange box of Nabisco ginger snaps (must be this box as they have just the right texture). Apple must be a fresh cortland because the apple explodes in your mouth when you chew it. The combination of these two flavors at one time creates such a pleasant party in your mouth, that you won’t be able to *keep* yourself from being happy!


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