My Worst Date Ever

Fairbrother Funeral Home, Plate 2

Image by Thomas Hawk via Flickr

Blind Dates, By Definition, Are Awkward


We met on a blind date; I had my usual Diet Coke and I think he had a beer. I didn’t feel any connection for him but I was determined to be open-minded. We both liked to work with people which I thought was a definite plus. Conversation was not flowing but again, we kept trying. Blind dates by definition are awkward. He asked me what I did professionally and I told him that I worked for a publishing company and did their recruitment and counseling. He brightened and said we certainly had something in common! I asked him what he did for a living and he told me he worked in a funeral home. (“not that there is anything wrong with that” as Jerry Seinfeld would say.) He didn’t lie, both of us did work with people but I just couldn’t relate. I kept imagining myself talking to him daily and asking him about his day……

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1 thought on “My Worst Date Ever

  1. A friend of mine disapointed his family when he chose to be a pastor rather than an undertaker.
    I’ve been on a few blind dates, and thankfully, my memory doesn’t work well enough to remember all the details!


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