If I Were a Teacher

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Life 101


I have always and I mean always, wanted to teach a course called Life 101. Originally I thought it would be good for college age students but now that I am older, I know it could be taught in any and every grade. Imagine a class where you would not be judged and you felt free enough to ask questions that you think about. Imagine having conversations, free of fear and tension. Questions you didn’t know whom to ask….you don’t need a Ph.d to teach this class, just be a loving soul with good intentions, be sensitive to others and intuitive. Keep an open mind and help students help the world and each other. Life experience required. I am submitting my resume…NOW!

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3 thoughts on “If I Were a Teacher

  1. When I taught college-aged (and older) “kids,” I often slipped Life 101 into the lecture/project/essay/exam. Surprisingly, many of the kids needed to learn (or perhaps RELEARN) ALL the basics from reading and writing to respect and diligence.
    I think Life 101 should start with pre-school.


  2. Wow! I can remember when my kids were young..probably up to six years of age, and they believed everything I told them. They could ask me anything, and I would give them an answer. And as far as they were concerned I was right, I knew everything, and no one was smarter than their Mom. A Mom is a great teacher about life. Then the kids go to school, and everything changes! Everything we taught them in Life 101 – Preschool addition – is gone.

    I think I will apply for that job too! I did it once, maybe I could do it again.



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