Is Chivalry Dead?

A boy helping a girl over a creek.

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I still like having the door held open for me and not shut in my face……..


Is chivalry dead? I sure hope not! My husband and I both were brought up by European parents, both of us have one German parent and one Austrian. Manners were mandated and I fully agree, we have taught out children (somewhat successfully) that having good (European) manners is expected. By no means are we strict parents either (ok, maybe we are….)  There are certain things I think that should be done and I don’t think of it as chivalry but as the right thing to do: Give up your seat on a bus or a train for someone who is elderly, incapacitated or pregnant. I know pregnancy is not a disability, I too have been pregnant twice riding the train in Boston and clutching the hand rail. It is nice to offer, some people may say “no thanks” but there will be a smile on their face when before there was none.

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2 thoughts on “Is Chivalry Dead?

  1. When my boys were young I always asked them if they had their manners in their pockets before they went to a friend’s house. I still throw that at them every once in a while. I think there are some children (and adults) that don’t even know to hold a door or stand up and give their seat to a woman. The thing I hate most is when young men wear baseball caps a l l t h e t i m e! I think you should remove your dirty shoes and your dirty cap when you walk in someone’s home. Ooooo we are mean Moms!


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